The First Time I Died

by Jo Macgregor

When Garnet McGee returns to her small Vermont hometown for the holidays, she vows to solve the mystery of a murder which shattered her life ten years ago. Then she dies in a horrible accident and is resuscitated.

But her near-death experience triggered something disturbing, because now she’s hearing voices, seeing visions and experiencing strange sensations. Unsure whether these are real messages from a paranormal presence, or symptoms of a mental disorder, Garnet vows to solve the mystery and starts investigating. But in a town full of secrets, everyone has a motive for murder.

Fast-paced and riveting, The First Time I Died is a suspenseful and haunting crime mystery with a psychic twist.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Servant of the Skull

by Edita A. Petrick

Gia, a revered forensic reconstructive specialist, has grown accustom to unraveling complicated clues to help families find closure, but when she receives a field assignment in Greece, it will take more than her unique gift to expose the truth.
The more she digs for answers, the more disturbing the mystery grows. Just as she thinks she’s found the answer a new thread reveals itself and that’s not all. Even more troublesome facts come to light that’ll turn the entire case upside down.
As pressure to bring this restoration to a close builds, Gia finds herself in a most precarious position. Does she continue to push for answers and risk her own safety or does she turn a blind eye to the truth?

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

The Monster

by Josh Soule

Josh Soule’s premiere thriller, The Monster, follows the psychological decline of a nameless narrator who tells his tale of being stalked and framed by a local serial killer. His relationships with friends and family deteriorate, and he soon is required to fend for himself. As days tick by, the time must come to find his way out of this problem before he ends up in prison or worse.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Bone Dry

by Bette Golden Lamb & J. J. Lamb

Meet Nurse Gina Mazzio: She’s feisty, determined, tenacious, and a ballsy Italian ex-Bronxite. She might remind you a bit of Sandra Bullock when Sandra’s in FBI mode, because you know how scary nurses can be; and how compassionate. Gina’s patients are in danger. And everyone at her fancy San Francisco hospital is blowing it off like everything’s normal.

Carl Chapman, a young man with an excellent prognosis, has already died–and another patient’s acting weird and desperate; a third, a teen-ager, has actually run away.
Gina soon finds out her patients are being subjected to a diabolical form of blackmail after being blasted with chemotherapy and every other toxic poison available to save their lives. Most days they’re so run down they’re more dead than alive. But there’s one chance for survival—each will be infused with his or her own treated bone marrow – frozen, secure in the hospital’s storage vaults.

And then comes the note: “We have your marrow…pay $50,000 or die now!”

Before it’s over, Gina will be stalked, threatened, and nearly killed. This is an action-packed, shocking, take-no-prisoners tale of medical suspense, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Sin & Bone

by Bette Golden Lamb & J.J. Lamb

It’s RN Gina Mazzio’s wedding eve. As she takes the week’s final Ob/Gyn telephone advice call, a deadly serious voice says, “She’s all cut up.” The police, the hospital administrator, and even her fiance insist it was a crank call, some sicko. Gina doesn’t buy it. She pursues the source of the call, and a second one to her home, linking the caller to a series of nurse disappearances. Instead of a wedding and honeymoon, Gina is drawn into the illicit and dangerous trade in human body parts.

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