The Poser

by David Temple

It’s Oscar night in Hollywood, and after years of climbing the entertainment ladder, media darling Meredith Johansen has finally taken home a gold statue.

Across town, rookie Detective Patricia Norelli is working late with hopes of breaking through her own glass ceiling with a promotion in the LAPD.

Their paths unexpectedly collide when Johansen is discovered dead in her Bel Air home, only hours after Oscar night festivities ended.

With a note but few clues, authorities rule it a suicide. Norelli’s instinct says murder—a hunch worth risking a pending promotion to prove otherwise.

When a long list of suspects emerges, she and partner Detective Stuart Brown find themselves entangled in a chaotic series of lies. Trying to find the real killer amidst a web of deception, Norelli & Brown lose ground when a key suspect turns up dead.

Then in the middle of reworking hunches, Brown has to take paternity leave. Before he can return, Norelli gets too close to the truth and lands in the trap of a pathological serial killer.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Compliments of the Chef

by Alex Crow


Four nearly-identical women — creatively mutilated and artfully rearranged like exquisite puzzles. All while they were still alive…but not for long.

​Gourmet chef Rebecca Black vows to avenge her beloved sister’s death and do what the detectives failed to: bring Sara’s killer to justice. She needs to find the evidence that the professionals couldn’t, and can think of only one way to do it—to present herself as bait.

​Transforming herself into the image of her murdered sister, she becomes a honey trap that her chief suspect, Andrew Donovan, cannot resist. But the longer she spends in his company, the more questions she has. New suspects arise and a peculiar series of events throw her certainty into doubt as another victim is discovered. Can Rebecca prove who the killer is before she becomes the next target?

​One thing is for certain: revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Slater & Norman Mysteries Boxed Set 1

by P. F. Ford

Like British Detectives with a blend of character, suspense and humour, that never takes itself too seriously. ?

Meet Slater & Norman two scapegoats bought together in form an unlikely partnership.

Get the first four stories in this collection of The Slater & Norman Mysteries Series

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

Surgical Risk: A Kurtz and Barent Mystery

by Robert I. Katz

Richard Kurtz has a reputation as a tough guy, a reputation that he considers absurd, despite the 300 pound biker on a drug induced rampage who Kurtz recently knocked out in the ER. Kurtz is a surgeon, a good surgeon, if he does say so himself (which he does, despite the old joke about how if you ask a surgeon to name the three best surgeons in the world, he’ll have trouble thinking of the other two). He has a luxury apartment on the East side, a good-looking girlfriend and a busy practice.

Kurtz demands the best, from himself, from his colleagues and from his residents, and he never runs from a fight. So when former girlfriend Sharon Lee is found strangled in a hospital call room, Kurtz cannot resist getting involved…and along with police detective Lew Barent, he soon finds himself embroiled in a twisted tale of murder, betrayal and brutal revenge.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

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