WHAT YOU DID (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 2)

by Willow Rose

Former FBI-profiler, Eva Rae Thomas, faces the most personal case in her career, as bestselling author Willow Rose’s new hit-series continues.

Three girls disappear on prom night at the local high school. One of them is the prom queen.

FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is chasing her long-lost sister when detective – and boyfriend – Matt Miller asks her to join the investigation of the three girls’ disappearance. They were last seen walking home together after the dance.

When the body of a young girl shows up in her backyard, Eva Rae knows she can no longer watch from the sidelines, and soon she realizes she is not only involved in this investigation, she’s also this killer’s target.

WHAT YOU DID is the second book in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Suspense


The Third Killer

by Michael Brayer

The only way out is to dive in.
Two brave young women manage to escape from the cult that has been holding them against their will for many years, taking with them the secrets of the satanic group, intent on bringing the truth to light.
Arik, a young security guard and aspiring author, is accustomed to non-stop action, ever since his days as a Navy raider. But when he meets the two mysterious women who ask for his help to publicize their story, he finds himself in the midst of a homicide affair –on the one hand, he is the main suspect, but on the other hand – he is doing everything in his power to solve the mystery on his own, all while on the run from the authorities.
To discover the truth, Arik must dig deeper. But the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the more the noose around his neck tightens. Will he discover who is behind the murder and manage to prevent the next one?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Blind Trust

by Colin Conway

Two homicide detectives team up with a county sheriff and a slightly bent cop to solve a string of homicides.

Will they catch the killer before another murder occurs?

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Category: Mystery – Series


In The Shadows

by Kirk Kilgrave

Something enters Graciela’s room every night. Her family thinks she’s overreacting, but they haven’t seen or heard what she experienced. Graciela thinks something terrible happened in her home. And she will need to unravel the mystery…or she’ll never leaving it alive.

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Category: Suspense


Edie, A Peter MacAlister Mystery

by Scott C. Smith

Peter MacAlister is a loner, 35 in ’85, which any Boomer knows was about ten minutes ago yesterday. He’s a reporter by day, covers the grimy streets of his small city on New England’s South Coast. On the side he partners with his pal, oddball aging attorney Mory Wilbur, as they combine their unique talents to help folks with nowhere else to turn.

So begins wisecracking Peter’s adventure with Edie, who seeks his help recovering a lost inheritance. Hop into Peter’s old beater with him and Edie as they steer off into an adventure they never expected, toward a fate they couldn’t imagine. Trigger-happy, drug-peddling gang members, nouveau mobsters, and holed up society dropouts highlight the characters they contend with on their mission to find and claim what’s rightfully hers. And, of course, his piece of the pie. But wait – what’s that going on between Peter and Edie? They tappin’ the tango?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Manatee Did It

by Kay Shostak

First book in the Southern Beach Mysteries series set on an island off the coast of North Florida. Jewels is getting used to her empty nest, living on the coast and living in the South. Oh, and wouldn’t you know it? A dead body shows up in the marina when she was hoping to just see a manatee.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Agent Red:Fatal Memory: Teagan Stone Book #1- Gripping Mystery, Suspense and Crime Thriller (Agent Red:Teagan Stone Series)

by Ava S.King

Early in her military career, Teagan Stone was recruited from the Navy to work with an elite group, where she became a notorious spy. After many years of service, all she wants to do is focus on her husband and three kids. Instead of enjoying retirement, she wakes up one day and finds herself chained to a bed in a 4×4 cell with no memory of how she got there or why. The life she tried to leave behind has dragged her back. Once again Teagan must rely on her time as a undercover government operative, to work a mission she didn’t ask for, while doing things she hasn’t done in years, in order to save her country. Reading Order of Series Agent Red:Fatal Memory-Teagan Stone Book 1 Agent Red:Fatal Target-Teagan Stone Book 2 Agent Red:Fatal Crime-Teagan Stone Book 3 Agent Red:Fatal Justice Teagan Stone Book 4 Agent Red:Fatal Enemy Teagan Stone Book 5

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Category: Thrillers – Political


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