Turtle Cove: A Florida Gulf Coast Mystery

by Marc Landau

“It’s a shell of a fun read!”

Like Evanovich and Hiaasen? You’ll love Turtle Cove!

Nolan Parker just wants to relax, paint some turtles, and toss a ball with the dog. But…

Thing’s aren’t going as planned.

What starts out as a side hustle to pay for wifi and dog treats, ends up with Nolan chasing a teenage runaway around the beaches of Florida trying not to get killed. Worse, his tropical paradise has been invaded by a crew of wacky Floridians…and maybe an alligator.

Will Nolan find the kid and get the girl? Or will the sunshine state suck him into its swamplands?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Detective Next Door

by W.C. Gordon

An accidental murder, a dismembered corpse, and a web of lies haunts this gripping debut from Gordon. The protagonist is a regular cop who likes to do his duty with as much diligence as possible and be left alone otherwise. What when a break-in turns deadly, the fact that he, a white cop, killed a man of color forces him to cover up the murder. As the police investigation closes in, he finds himself scrambling to come up with an escape plan. With his experience as a law enforcement officer, Gordon gives a fresh twist to the usual genre tropes: the nitty gritty of the inner workings of law enforcement, the investigative details, and red herrings. Despite its grim theme, the story makes for a breezy read. The fast-paced narrative, the sly, dark humor, and the increasingly complex life of the protagonist make this a must-read for lovers of psychological thrillers.

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Category: Crime Fiction

The Note Man

by Andrew Pine

“Did you really think you’d get away with it?”

When Peter Jeffries slapped those words across the window of a Mercedes-Benz, he had no idea what the consequences would be.

Recently fired, the frustrated family man had written the note for the woman behind the wheel who’d cut him off in traffic without using her turn signals.

Instead, it was her husband who received it – brutal Irish gangster Jackie ‘The Ox’ O’Neal.
The Ox isn’t the kind of man to take threats lightly – even if they weren’t actually intended for him.

Soon, Peter’s impulsive act of road-rage has resulted in mayhem, murder, and kidnapping – and now, Peter’s life is on the line.

Fast-paced, funny, and frightening, The Note Man is the debut novel of Andrew Pine – deftly exploring the chillingly-plausible consequences of a single act of anger.
Fans of twisted, speculative fiction like Black Mirror will be instantly hooked.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy

by Liese Sherwood-Fabre

What’s a holiday without surprises?

It’s Christmas 1867 at Underbyrne, the Holmes family estate. The house is filled with family, relatives, and three unexpected arrivals—all ready to celebrate the holidays. That is, until another uninvited guest appears: dead in the stables.

The discovery marks the beginning of a series of bizarre occurrences: Sherlock’s young cousin reports hearing footsteps outside the nursery, Mycroft suddenly falls head-over-heels in love, and the family learns more than one person under their roof harbors secrets.

Is someone in the household a murderer? Sherlock must discover the dead man’s identity before another unwelcomed body materializes.

“A multifaceted and convincing addition to Sherlock-ian lore.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Beatrice Stubbs Boxset One

by JJ Marsh

Scotland Yard sends a modern-day Marple to solve baffling cases all over Europe in this British mystery series with character and wit.

The first 3 full-length novels are included in Box Set One:

Behind Closed Doors sees Beatrice seconded to Switzerland. Wealthy, powerful men are committing suicide. Or are they? When the same DNA is found at each scene, DI Stubbs suspects someone is dispensing a personal retribution. Beneath the chocolate and charm, Zurich hides many secrets.

In Raw Material, Beatrice is divided. Hunting a sex offender on London Underground while trying to investigate illegal activity on a Welsh beach stretches her to her limits. Her partner and neighbour decide to assist. But amateur detectives and professional criminals make a bad mix.

Time for a sabbatical in Tread Softly. A gourmet trip to the north of Spain is exactly what DI Stubbs needs. Until she meets an old acquaintance who lures her into an investigation. Beatrice is up to her neck in missing persons, murder, corruption and Rioja.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Impressions of Suburbia

by Daniel Trump

In this horror suspense thriller someone attacks high school student Bella Warwick when she finishes the next great sci-fi epic. Her boyfriend, the intellectual jock Devon, and friend Cayden, quiet intellectual, and the clever lush Ally Thurman team up to try to solve the mystery of who is terrorizing Old Liberty.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp



“WOW! A totally different type of cozy mystery. Definitely looking forward to more!!!”

“Quirky story that is funny and dramatic.”

With a sense of urgency, four close friends return to their respective homes only to discover that nothing is quite the way they’d left it. Their family members are behaving strangely and their dogs, in particular, are far different than they ever imagined could be possible.

Will Hewey, Rob, Jason and Samantha get to the bottom of what’s really going on in the town of Eppington? And if so, will they be able to fix what seems like the impossible?

A brand new, exciting cozy conspiracy by award-winning author Tanya R. Taylor!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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