Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1)

by Angie Fox

USA Today bestselling book, and first in a series!
When no-nonsense Southern girl Verity Long unwittingly traps a ghost on her property, she gains a supernatural sidekick, and the ability to see spirits. But her new powers also open her up to a century-old mystery that some in town are willing to kill to keep secret.

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by William Bernhardt

He writes gunfights and ticking time bombs. But when he’s kidnapped and forced to plan a real-world crime, every plot twist will be explosive…

Dylan Taggart channels his demons through the keyboard. Knocked around by a father who believed weakness was failure, the bestselling suspense author grabs a measure of peace in his gorgeous girlfriend’s arms. But he sees fiction come horrifyingly to life when masked fanatics break in demanding he put his brilliant mind to work and help them steal a secret military super-weapon.

Dylan tries to refuse, but his resolve shatters when they leave his lover for dead and punish him mercilessly. Torn between terror and grief, he starts writing the heist scheme as ordered…while feverishly building a cunningly disguised sabotage.

Can this tortured artist use his own ingenious plotting skills to prevent the death of millions?

Plot/Counterplot is a fast-paced standalone thriller. If you like resourceful characters, intense drama, and endless surprises, then you’ll adore William Bernhardt’s clever caper.

“A man on the run… a woman on the run… in a thriller that hits the ground running… then running faster… then absolutely flying. And you’re flying, too, flying through the pages with one of the masters of the modern thriller at the controls. William Bernhardt knows when to soar and when to dive, when to make you sweat and when to let you breathe, when to throw this flying machine into a barrel roll that will absolutely shock you and when to bring you home safe and satisfied. A terrific entertainment.” — William Martin, New York Times-Bestselling Author of The Lincoln Letter and December ’41

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Killing Rebecca

by K. J. North

An Ordinary Life…
Marni Rome lives a happy life with her husband and two beautiful children. Her heart is filled with love for them. It’s a life that excites her every morning when she gets out of bed. She is lucky to be living in a beautiful home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and she loves her career as a writer of crime fiction.

Until Her Life is Shattered…
A late-night knock at the door destroys her world when news of her family’s fate is too devastating to bear. Her life turns into one of the stories she only writes about.

When She Finds Out Who is to Blame…
Marni must act on the shocking truth. Like in her books, the perpetrator needs to be caught and held prisoner until she decides their fate. Nothing too quick—they need to suffer slowly before they’re sentenced to death.

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