Bad Angel (Angels in L.A. #2)

by JC Andrijeski

Meet Dags, an unwilling angel and private detective. Right now he’s got a lot of problems. A hell-portal he can’t close. An old friend with a missing wife. An unattainable movie star he can’t get out of his head. A whole lot of demons he can’t de-possess fast enough. BAD ANGEL is Book #2 of the paranormal mystery romance series, Angels in L.A. Now offered FREE for a limited time, with Book #1 at a discounted price of $0.99!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Jealous Wife : A psychological thriller with a nerve-shredding ending

by James Caine

She wants my husband. She wants my life. She wants me- gone.

About to become parents, my husband and I decide to move to my small hometown to be closer to my family. Everything was perfect until I met our new neighbor- the reason I moved away to begin with.

Kelly Van Patten.

She’s the epitome of beauty. With her radiant blond hair, captivating blue eyes and a smile so warm and caring, it’s no wonder everyone adores her… except me.

Even my husband is falling for her charm and manipulation, or worse, falling for her.

When Kelly slips and accidentally shows her true colors, I realize something even worse. Does she know what I’ve been hiding?

All I want is to start my family.
She has something more sinister in mind.

The Jealous Wife, is a twisted, page-turning psychological thriller that will have you guessing until the very end.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Final Belongings

by Sarah Beauchemin

An eerie photo and urgent note unearthed 50 years later. A woman driven to solve a family mystery—at any cost.

“A bewitchingly dark tale, as emotionally engrossing as it is boldly unconventional.” —Kirkus Reviews

Juliet and Henry never met. Yet their lives intertwine when Juliet finds chilling clues about her uncle Henry’s death when she stumbles upon his final belongings. Following the trail to Italy, she uncovers a dangerous truth. Will unraveling Henry’s past destroy her future?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Recruiter

by Ilan Arad

He is a well-known director. She is an international model. Both are not who they seem to be.
For David, it was supposed to be just another commercial gig: pick up the talent, film the commercial, and get paid. Being a well-known film director and an infamous industry womanizer, David thought his only care in the world was his frequent vice of shadowy “massage parlors.” But that all changed when he met Isabella – a stunning model with secrets of her own.
Through Isabella, David becomes aware of the underbelly of the world he thought he knew: a world of sex work, human trafficking, violence, and questionable morality. As the tall, dark, and mysterious woman draws him closer, David must make a choice: He can walk away from all of it.
Or he can be recruited.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Soured: A Collection Of Short Stories (Dark Intrigues Book 1)

by J.C. Moore

Strange creatures, gruesome murders, oozing organisms, unfathomable abductions, enigmatic expeditions, an age-old malevolence, and much more…
J.C. Moore, author of The Repayment, delivers a collection of dark horror tales that are both chilling and poignant.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Rescuing Reeve

by Amy Waeschle

Book 1 in a bestselling mystery series! Cassidy Kincaid must battle a series of trials to search for her troubled stepbrother last seen in Costa Rica, while confronting the demons of her past. “Cassidy had me hooked from the start. She’s smart yet vulnerable, resilient and grounded. Her search for Reeve and the many twists and turns along the way had me turning the pages.” Start this gritty, nail-biting mystery today! Free for a limited time.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths