by C.M. Sutter

Washburn County Deputy Amber Monroe is following in the footsteps of her sister, Jade, in hopes of being promoted soon.
Living in small-town USA has its advantages, like a sense of security, and disadvantages, like being close to Milwaukee and its crime. Washburn County has become the dumping ground of murder victims, courtesy of its neighboring county to the south.
When two men are discovered on the outskirts of North Bend, each with a bullet to the head, Amber’s team, led by Lieutenant Jack Steele, hits the highway in search of a killer.
Assisted by the Milwaukee PD, they go deep into Brew City’s underbelly. Crimes involving murder and counterfeiting keep the team running in every direction, but it’s Amber’s attraction to a new man in North Bend that puts her front and center on the killer’s short list.
She doesn’t get far before the entire case turns upside down.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Dead Winner

by Kevin G. Chapman

“Kevin G. Chapman pulls out all the stops in his standalone thriller Dead Winner. This action-packed thrill ride of a neo-noir starts with a dead husband, a missing $60 million lottery ticket, a love-struck lawyer, an embezzlement scheme, and the Gallata crime organization. Chapman keeps us guessing and turns up the tension at every turn. You’ll love this wild race and the twisty, dramatic finish.” – Valerie J. Brooks author of 1 Last Betrayal: the Third Book in the Angeline Porter Trilogy

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


The Long Shadow on the Stage

by Nichole Heydenburg

Jackson Birkman had a perfect life, so why did someone kill him?

Officer Delia Wilson is drawn to an intriguing new case after the famous actor Jackson Birkman unexpectedly dies. The circumstances of Jackson’s death are suspicious and there are multiple suspects with motives to kill him. Officer Wilson and millions of adoring fans wonder who killed Jackson. But most importantly, what was the motive of the murderer?

As the investigation continues, Officer Wilson inches closer to the truth, digging into Jackson’s personal life and uncovering his secrets. She begins to think no one knew Jackson at all, but she’s determined to solve the case, no matter the cost. She’s certain about who the murderer is—she just has to prove it before she’s the next victim.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Always A Gun

by Terry L Persun

Was Toby Wilcox kidnapped or murdered?

Deputy Leslie Fuller only wants to make it to retirement without dying. A few more years. He takes what he expects to be an easy case of a local runaway only to find later that the missing boy is also his daughter’s boyfriend. He shouldn’t take the case, but his daughter needs his help.

Leslie and his new partner, Deputy Mae Belle Walker find themselves in the middle of a strange predicament that includes retired college professors, the high school principal, and several local high school kids bent on scaring Leslie off the case. Why?

The puzzle pieces only begin to fit together when rumors are exposed and people are blamed for things they never did. Everyone has a secret and until Leslie and Mae Belle can unravel them, the crime can’t be solved.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives