I Can Be Your Friend

by Jessica Blade

Mandy and I are bound to be lifelong-friends. I promise, Mandy, I won’t let anyone come between us.
Mandy Wright is the nicest girl at Bliss High. She has it all: the hottest boyfriend, straight A’s, the lead in our play, everything but me. . .

Everyone adores Mandy, but nobody really cares about her the way I do. After all, I know things no one else does. Like the fact that her closest friends are scheming to bring her down. That her boyfriend is cheating on her. That everyone she trusts is more damaged than she knows.

I’ll make sure they pay for what they did. I’ll do anything to protect Mandy. When their dirty little secrets are exposed, she will be so grateful to me. Then things can become the way they were meant to be all along: They will get the nightmare they deserve and Mandy and I will become Best Friends. Forever.

I Can Be Your Friend is a young adult twisted thriller with no foul language and no sexual content.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Cold Run

by Michael Dault

By all appearances, Cy Ford is no more than a quiet loner living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He works as a conservation officer and prefers the company of his sled dogs. What nobody suspects is that Ford’s past is a fractured one, and all of it, down to his name, is a lie. During the winter months, Ford moonlights as a drug-running dog sled musher, a lucrative sideline that’s allowed him to amass a small fortune. With Christmas around the corner, Ford has decided to get out of the game, but it won’t be that easy. When a turf war breaks out between his Canadian employer and a Detroit-based mobster, he finds himself forced into one last run he and his team may never reach the end of.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Mariah Is Missing: A Novel

by David Henry Nelson

This suspenseful mystery reimagines a true crime story in Montana’s Big Sky Country in the 1970s. Ana McGuire, a prosecuting attorney, must solve the disappearance of an attractive young school teacher who is reported missing.

“It’s hard to believe Mariah Is Missing is David Henry Nelson’s first novel! This book is hard to put down … frightening and satisfying. An excellent read!”— Dixie Lund, PhD, two-time interim president of Eastern Oregon University.

“Fantastic debut.” — Paul Attaway, author of Blood in the Low Country.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

His Own Devices

by Douglas Wynne

While her husband is deployed in Afghanistan, Jessica Ritter finds herself navigating the pitfalls of parenting on her own. That includes moderating her ten-year-old son’s screen time—an obsession that hits a fever pitch when YouTube sensation Rainbow Dave releases an addictive new iPad game. Gavin knows he isn’t supposed to keep secrets from his parents, but when his achievements in the game unlock personal messages from Dave instructing him to embark on real world mini-quests, he can’t resist.

But who’s pulling the strings behind the screens? Dave’s anonymous benefactors have granted him a glimpse of paradise between the pixels, and the real world hasn’t looked the same since. Now, with a head full of unholy revelations and a crate full of dangerous devices, he’s on a mission to help his fans “level up” at a live event. Scream Time is coming to town, and a countdown to chaos has begun.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

The Suitcase

by Mike Dixon

David didn’t see himself as a toy boy and he didn’t see Sue Lynne as a cougar. That was his first mistake. His second came when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia. His third mistake was to open it.
Sue Lynne said the case contained family memorabilia: old photographs and that sort of thing. David thought they were too old to be threatening and he was hopelessly wrong. The case contained dark secrets. From the moment he lifted the lid there was no escape. The past rushed out like an evil genie from a bottle and David was propelled through the vastness of Australia fighting for his life.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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