The Mousse Wonderful Time of Year (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 10): Christmas Whodunnit Special

by H.Y. Hanna

Tearoom sleuth Gemma Rose is looking forward to a holiday filled with delicious Yuletide treats, time with friends and family, and maybe even a “white Christmas” in Oxford… But when she’s snowed in at a country manor, she finds herself stumbling on an intriguing murder – complete with a body in the library, a house full of suspects and a trail of mysterious footprints! Luckily, the nosy Old Biddies are on hand to help, not to mention her cheeky tabby cat Muesli. Add in some carol singing, Christmas baking and flannel underwear, and Gemma’s stocking is bursting at the seams. Can she solve this festive whodunnit in time to enjoy the most wonderful time of year?
(* Traditional fruit mince pie recipe included!)

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Crucible of Fear: A Thriller

by D.W. Whitlock

A man’s life in chaos. His young daughter at risk. What is a pound of flesh worth?

Dante Ellis is a successful advertising executive on the rise. His world is plunged into a harrowing nightmare after he’s targeted by ruthless hackers known only as Dark Messiah. Dante soon discovers no part of his life too sacred to be used against him, no secret buried too deep. What began as a veiled threat soon descends into a desperate conflict against the will of an unseen enemy.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers



by Meeti Shroff-Shah

Award-winning novelist Radhi Zaveri flees home to Temple Hill trying to escape a broken heart and humiliating writer’s block.

But she is met by a terrible tragedy. Her pregnant best friend Sanjana’s father has killed himself.

And yet, just hours before, he was telling Sanjana that he couldn’t wait to hold his grandchild in his arms. What triggered this desperate act? And why is their young maid so terrified?

Radhi is determined to uncover the truth. But the deeper she digs beneath the diamond-studded prayer meetings and the lavishly catered ‘pure-veg’ brunches, the faster she finds herself drawn into a web of festering grievances, hidden agendas and long-buried secrets.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


When Murder Comes Home

by Shana Frost

“Shana Frost spools a great whodunnit with fun characters in When Murder Comes Home!”
-Joshua Grant, Bestselling Author and the Diabolic Shrimp

Drawing out his gun, he pushed open the door. A dark abyss glared back.
He took out his torch and flashed it around…
Callan’s broad shoulders slumped, and he let out a breath between clenched teeth. Death had dipped its claws into Dachaigh again.

Ten guests, two murders, one inn. Who is responsible?

Aileen Mackinnon ditched spreadsheets and a steady salary for the adventurous shores of Loch Fuar in the Scottish Highlands.

Now she’s an amateur innkeeper to ten guests. But when one is murdered in his bed and an heirloom goes missing, can Aileen save the inn?

DI Callan Cameron won’t have her nosing about, but with another body he has little choice in the matter.

Tension sizzles as Aileen and Callan step into a world of murders, deceit and heists. They might not always see eye to eye, but can they agree whodunnit?

If books by Jullian Scott, Paul Austin Ardoin, and Fiona Grace keep you up all night, When Murder Comes Home is the perfect puzzling mystery for you!

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


The Jack-O-Lantern People

by Michael Allan Scott

Deliverance in the desert.
A moody psychic detective takes on her toughest case yet, only to discover the one thing worse than death.
A family missing for more than thirty years—Dad, Mom, two young girls and their small dogs, gone without a trace. Their aged patriarch, trapped in the distant past. Are they still alive?
A mystery/thriller whose crime leaves you cold and whose courageous people warm your heart. Get your ticket to a wild ride, tonight.
Eyes in the sky, she sees. Head in the clouds, she searches. Feet on the ground, she answers the call—Jena Halpern, the reluctant police consultant.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Security Day

by Matt Cricchio

Afghanistan: where friends look like enemies and enemies pose as friends.

Everyone in Uruzgan province, from street vendors to the American military, relies on Security Day: a weekly convoy under the command of the vicious warlord, General Mir Hamza Khan, protecting supply trucks from Taliban attacks as they cross the Kandahar desert. Security Day has made General Khan the uncrowned king of Afghanistan but American withdrawal threatens his reign.

Rookie intelligence agent Dan Bing arrives in country eager to prove himself, but he quickly finds himself shut out when he runs afoul of the emotionally unstable American commander who is fooled by General Khan’s lies. Dan instead finds an unlikely ally in Toor Jan, a loving family man turned spy with deep ties to the Taliban.

General Khan, Dan, and Toor Jan tangle in a tense and surprising tale of espionage, betrayal, deadly vanity and mercy that climaxes into the world’s most dangerous game of survival.

Based on a true story, readers call Security Day “very different and exciting—a spy and adventure story teeming with vivid, memorable characters” that is “one of those books you can’t put down.”

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


Gold & Courage Volume I Boxed Set

by Karen S. Gordon

Vance Courage knows all too well the Hotel Mutiny was once the secret enclave for Miami’s notorious Cocaine Cowboys. Law enforcement, drug lords, and lots of shady operatives lived it up inside the Mutiny’s high security private club.

Outside the hotel, Miami was a war zone. The coroner stored murder victims in rented refrigerated trucks. Witnesses and jurors disappeared. A federal judge was gunned down outside his home.

But that was a different era. Or was it?

Courage is a lawyer now and his practice is on the skids. When a fugitive sneaks into Miami from Cuba, it unleashes demons from the past. Characters from the Cocaine Cowboy days are cropping up — including an enticing woman he meets on a dating app. With his life going nowhere fast, he wonders what they want with him. And why now?

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


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