by John Oehler

PAPYRUS is an award-winning archeological thriller. It begins in Egypt, 18th Dynasty: Queen Tiye prepares to die. She tells her brother: “When my time is come, you will bury me in a bath of restorative oils. It will be done while the breath of life is still in me.”
The story then moves to 1983, where Rika Teferi, a researcher in Cairo, discovers a secret message written by ancient Queen Tiye to her young son, Tutankhamun. The letter is stunning. It re-writes history and propels Rika and friend, David, to a quest deep into The Sudan – a quest where unimaginable peril and discoveries upend their worlds.
PAPYRUS was a SEMI-FINALIST in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel competition.
“WHAT A WONDERFUL READ! History mingled with imagination! I was on the edge of my chair at times and filled with wonder too! … a must read for anyone needing adventures and excitement!”

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

The Hollow Husband

by Cole Baxter

Stella is finally married to the wealthy and attentive David – her dream man.
But when David becomes downright controlling, she wonders just how well she knows him.
Meanwhile, there’s a serial killer loose in their town and Stella takes an interest. Soon, she suspects someone close to her might be the killer.
Could it be her beloved husband?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Ghost: An Andrea Kelley Mystery

by Elle Andrews Patt

After Archivist Andrea Kelley’s resident ghost goes full-fledged haunt, she discovers a convicted mother might be innocent and the true killer living as close as next door. Can she unearth the long-hidden truth before she ends up a ghost herself?

“Great story line. Found it hard to put down. Character development makes you feel like you know Andrea and Taka. Highly recommend if you like mysteries. Twists and turns kept me guessing till the end.” ~ Lea Furgurson

Modern Southern Gothic meets Sleuthing Procedural in this atmospheric murder mystery. Typical violence for genre. LGTBQ. Diversity. First book in series.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Spirit: An Andrea Kelley Mystery

by Elle Andrews Patt

When the ghost of an enslaved man Archivist Andrea Kelley’s is investigating at Louie’s Gastropub leads her to a dead woman in the alley out back, she comes face-to-face with human traffickers. Can she and BFF Taka survive long enough to outwit the ringleaders and bring a killer to justice?

“This is the second in an excellent mystery series. The characters are complex, the plots are twisty and the story lines kept me reading late into the night! I can’t wait for the next book to see what the author comes up with!” ~ Cindy

Southern Gothic meets Amateur Sleuth in a speculative fiction murder mystery. Typical violence for genre. LGTBQ. Diversity. Second book in series.

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Murderous Acts

by Colin Knight

A chance encounter and an overheard conversation was all it took to undo the psychotherapy that had buried David’s bitterness and suppressed his desire for revenge.

Little by little, the ruthless characters David had once played on London’s premier stages, forced their way in to his consciousness.

Deluded by a demanding imaginary audience, and manipulated by an increasingly powerful subconscious, David is compelled to act.

Killing for the adulation of his ‘audience’, David cleansed his past, purged the unworthy and settled his soul.


Little by little, unknown by David, the protective and inquisitive child of the woman he loves has watched, made notes, and took photographs.

As the killings become more personal, and the child reveals what he knows, David must make a choice.

Is he too far gone to make a rational choice?

Will his now dominant subconscious demand David kill the child of the woman he loves?

Will David’s imaginary audience recoil at the murder of a child?

Or is there another way out?

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Category: Crime Fiction

In Our Blood

by William J. Goyette

Homicide Detective Jake Hawksworth is still reeling from the unsolved death of his beloved wife when he gets the call. A voice from the past, from the most shocking case of his career.

The boy Jake once saved from a traumatic ordeal is now a best-selling mystery author. When a sinister crime from Drew McCauley’s novel-in-the-making becomes a shocking reality, he enlists Jake’s help. Is the kidnapping of Drew’s son somehow linked to the death of Jake’s wife? And could the monster who irrevocably altered these men’s lives be responsible for these seemingly unrelated events?

As Jake races to save Drew’s son, a cat-and-mouse game ensues. Jaw-dropping twists and turns culminate in a showdown at a storm-ravaged house. It is here that long-buried secrets are unearthed and unspeakable truths exposed, leading to a final reveal that will leave even the most jaded of readers stunned.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives