Dark Genius

by H. Peter Alesso

A sci-fi techno-thriller – a quantum computer, cyber-terrorists, identity theft, murder.

After his past academic failures and egregious family circumstances, Andrew Lawrence is looking forward to a fresh start solving the secrets of the universe. But before he can begin, his world turns into a lie. Everything is torn away from him and he’s embroiled in an international fraud investigation involving quantum computer hacking and murder.

Dodging the FBI while hiding from cybercriminals, he’s forced into the underworld of the dark net, anonymous encryption, and AI financial transactions. While trying to throw off the ghosts of his haunted past, he must run faster and faster to evade shadowy killers.

Despite troubled personal relationships, the ego of rivals, and the threat of terrorists, Lawrence perseveres on his quest to redeem himself.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Sam’s Song

by Hannah Howe

Sam’s Song, book one in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, has reached #1 on the Amazon private detective chart on five separate occasions during 2017. The book contains a complete mystery, set in the music industry, and can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


by Taylor Lee

• A shockingly gruesome murder
• An arrogant go-it-alone homicide detective
• A quirky intelligence analyst known for her brains and Clark Kent glasses
• Together they discover that Justice—like Love– isn’t always fair or easy.

Although part of a series – each book is a standalone story.

Love Kaylea Cross’s heart pounding romantic military thrillers? Sylvia Day’s and Maya Banks red hot sexy heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Fern Michael’s compelling characters? Grab Sapphire and prepare to be addicted.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Second Assassination

by Richard Scott

The year is 1881, and an athletic-looking President of the United States—barely four months in office—steps nimbly down from the presidential carriage as it pulls up to the bustling Washington Train Depot. The president will shortly board a train that will take him to a refreshingly cooler New England where he’s scheduled to speak at his beloved alma mater, Williams College. A shot rings out. At first no one thinks much about it, for it’s always noisy at Washington’s busy train station. But then a second sharp report is heard, and the president drops in his tracks. He remains alive for nearly three months as White House doctors repeatedly issue reassuring reports of his improving health. Then, on September 19, the nation is again plunged into gloom, when it learns that the president has suddenly passed away.

Three years later, the scene shifts to a stately old mansion in the historic section of Salem, Massachusetts, where wealthy, but controversial magazine publisher Martin Van Zandt hosts a sumptuous dinner for the board members of his highly successful publication. The dinner party quickly deteriorates into a shouting match as disgruntled board members trade accusations with the hated publisher. Before the night is over, Van Zandt will be found dead, apparently the victim of a botched burglary.

Another scene shift takes the reader to an elegant townhouse in Boston’s Beacon Hill section, where journalist James Christopher, Martin Van Zandt’s nephew, receives an unexpected visit from his adopted cousin Samantha. Samantha, Van Zandt’s daughter, believes that her father was murdered by a member of the board and not by a burglar. She appeals to James, known for his investigative skills, to get to the bottom of her father’s death. Thus begins a process of inquiry and detection that takes us from Salem to Boston to Washington.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

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