Mary Mills Mystery series: Book 1-3

by Willow Rose

Readers love this series – More than 1000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The first three books in the engrossing series on sale for a limited time.

You will never guess the ending!

Am I pretty?

Imagine being asked that question standing face to face with a killer. What would you answer?

While her life is going from bad to worse, journalist Mary Mills receives a phone call from her father telling her that her brother has been arrested for murder. Mary decides to go back to her hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida, which she left twenty years back and has never visited since.

Working with her old friends from the 7th Street Crew, she tracks down the most disturbing and surprising killer this town has ever faced before a shocking conclusion turns everything upside down for them.

Determined to solve the murder and to have her brother acquitted, Mary is forced to face demons from her past she never thought she would have to again.

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Category: Suspense



by Edita A. Petrick

Setback (action/adventure/crime paranormal romance)

He wants her dead. She’s determined to stop his killing spree. An ancient locket mentally connects them in a symbiotic battle. With the help of a CIA operative, can she stop a contract killer before he completes his mission or the mental strain destroys her?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Devil’s Brigade

by Samuel Marquis

In this first thriller in the Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series, Everyman Nick Lassiter becomes an unwitting intelligence operative. As he celebrates his 30th birthday with friends, he’s also a man in crisis: he’s lost his girlfriend and job, is wanted by the police, and has discovered that his unpublished thriller, Blind Thrust, has been stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie called Subterranean Storm. Even worse, the movie is based on a soon-to-be bestselling novel by Australian thriller writer Cameron Beckett, one of the world’s biggest authors. Rather than seek revenge through a financial settlement or public humiliation, Lassiter sets out for New York to obtain mea culpas from Beckett and his renowned literary agent, whom he is certain colluded with the Aussie in stealing his debut novel.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Cold Flame

by Natalie Hames

Obsession, lust, murder – and a secret which will rip everyone apart…

Twelve years after participating in a bank heist, Carl Fisher is celebrating his fortieth birthday. Hours later his body is discovered in his hot tub, a single gunshot to his head signifying an execution style killing.

DI Grace Dalton is called upon to crack the case and bring the killer to justice but the more she investigates, the more she realises his lifestyle and criminal activities have accumulated a long list of enemies. Ploughing through a sea of suspects, Grace is not only under pressure to find the killer but also adapt to a new partner, DS Ryan Nash. A rogue detective with an ambiguous past and a playboy image, he’s everything she despises, yet despite her protesting to DCI Harris is given no other choice other than to be his reluctant mentor.

To make matters worse, the murder weapon is traced back to a previous crime at the infamous Ringfield Estate, throwing Grace into a precarious position. Known for its gun crime and ruled by the vicious Ringfield Crew, relations between the estate and the police is taut with controversy. With links between Carl and the head of the gang coming to light, Grace finds herself thrown into a confusing maze of suspects and motives. No sooner have the pieces of the puzzle fitted together, the tables of fate turn and send the pieces into disarray.

Grace soon realises that if she is to solve the case she must go back to the start where a shocking revelation will reveal how pure, deep seated rage is found in the most unlikely, and quiet places.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


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