Cruising to Danger

by Helen Yeomans

On a Mexican cruise with her grandmother, Erin juggles three suitors and the unwanted attention of an odd child. In Cabo San Luca, the two women witness a drug-fueled murder and discover one of the passengers is involved. Erin stumbles onto a network dedicated to destruction and death, and puts herself in harm’s way to save two innocent lives.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Fell: A Collection of Short Fiction

by Reed Blitzerman

Dive into a collection of fiction short stories from Reed Blitzerman, the author of horror and dark fantasy.

The Prophetess – A sometimes psychic returns to the family business, where she’ll either get rich or die trying.

Captive King – A gangster returns from the dead with a proposition for his estranged son.

Second Sight – A widower fills the void of his loss with a hobby of taking portraits. But what little joy he’s found is endangered by an otherworldly intruder.

Strangelove – In the midst of the vampire pandemic, a former accountant struggles to expand her crime scene cleanup business. Short on patience, money, and toilet paper, she must forge a new path, or risk becoming one of the newly minted undead.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Requiem for the Dead

by Victor M. Alvarez

When Helen Chapman, the beautiful 16-year-old daughter of Army Chief-of-Staff for the European Command, had gone missing, her father, Brigadier General, assumed she sped off on yet another one of her adventures with her boyfriend. However, hours later the body of Helen Chapman’s boyfriend was discovered by German police on the side of the road.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

The Lou Fleener Private Eye Series: Books 1-6 (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 9)

by Duane Lindsay

He’s short and not so good-looking and maybe not the best dresser, but he can fight like Ali and dance like Astaire.
MEET THE AMAZING LOU FLEENER, P.I. Lou and his best friend Monk are here with a collection of six best-selling novels full of suspense, thrills, romance and a humor. They solve the oddest collection of crimes you’ve ever imagined.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Shattered: A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 1

by Valerie Davisson

Logan loses it all. Then her best friend’s charged with murder. Time’s running out and a deranged killer wants her dead.

In the first novel of Davisson’s thrilling, best-selling series, Logan loses her husband, her illusions, the company they built together, her music, and now, probably her job.
But when a young glassblower is brutally killed at the local arts festival and her good friend, Thomas Delgado, a Native American artist, is accused of the crime, Logan drops everything to come to his defense.
It doesn’t help that Thomas refuses to defend himself. As Logan struggles to maintain her still tenuous hold on her new life, she delves into the dangerous world of glassblowing in order to clear her friend’s name. The deeper Logan digs, the more secrets she unearths, and the more unhinged the real killer becomes. Logan must find the truth before they kill again.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Scarlet Kingfisher: Discovery of a new species

by Robert Henry Benson

Dr. Beach O’Neill’s childhood dream was to travel to the Amazon and discover a new bird species. His world is spun out of control when a south Texas ranch employee reports seeing a strange red bird on the banks of an isolated river where O’Neill is conducting research. Things turn nasty when Beach discovers a mutilated body near the river. The sheriff thinks O’Neill is the killer. Thus begins a reckless contest between O’Neill and an array of despotic villains who wish to be the first persons on Earth to possess the “Scarlet Kingfisher.” Will disparate forces have their way?

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Category: Suspense

Two For The Money

by Blair Howard

A Late-Night Phone Call. A Voice from the past. An Apparent Suicide.
The phone call came on a Tuesday evening in the middle of August. Harry Starke hadn’t heard from his old school friend in almost five years, and he hadn’t thought about him in almost as long. Tom Sattler wanted to meet, and it wouldn’t wait until morning. But when Harry arrived at Sattler’s home less than an hour later, he found him lying in a pool of blood with a single gunshot wound to his head and .22 revolver lying close to his hand.

Was it suicide, or was Tom Sattler murdered? If so, by whom and why?

The search for answers plunges Harry into a far-reaching investigation that involves murder, corruption, organized crime, and duplicity. As always, there’s a twist in the tail.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

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