Nordic Nights

by Christine Anne Libbey

Dylan, RJ, and Trevor have been best friends since the fourth grade. To celebrate the completion of graduate school, they go on a three week vacation to Denmark. But while Trevor and Dylan just want to relax and sightsee, RJ has a different idea. RJ, you see, is a wannabe womanizer, an unsuccessful ‘playa’, a disciple of pick-up artistry, a student of Game…and he convinces his two friends to go on a Danish woman hunt! Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for when Trevor meets Katrine, a young journalist with a very big problem…

Together these three Americans embark upon an adventure to save Denmark from the clutches of an international elite lead by a devilishly fun madman…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Trap in Paris

by Uzi Eilam

Having achieved an impressive career in Israel’s armed service and years of successful civilian business activity, Dr. Gideon Ben Ari yearns to settle down to a tranquil life. But then he is recruited to rejoin the armed forces and once again direct his efforts to fighting international terror organizations. Paris is his new battlefield, and blocking Iranian efforts to develop long range missiles and nuclear weapons is his mission. Gideon will have to make good use of his experience, his wisdom, and his friends to block an invisible enemy. He will discover that a person he once regarded as an old friend has actually become a new enemy.

A Trap in Paris is an authentic, breathtaking thriller that reads as if it were taken from media headlines. Its vital and vibrant plot is an espionage mystery all rolled together with a quick-paced intelligence narrative, replete with intrigue and traitors.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Appetite for Innocence

by Lucinda Berry

Be careful what you post online. Your next check-in might lead him right to you…

A serial rapist is kidnapping teenage girls. But he’s not interested in just any teenage girls—only virgins. He hunts them by following their status updates and check-ins on social media. Once he’s captured them, they’re locked away in his sound-proof basement until they’re groomed and ready. He throws them away like pieces of trash after he’s stolen their innocence. Nobody escapes alive.

Until Ella.

Ella risks it all to escape, setting herself and the other girls free. But only Sarah—the girl whose been captive the longest—gets out with her. The girls are hospitalized and surrounded by FBI agents who will stop at nothing to find the man responsible. Ella and Sarah are the key to their investigation, but Sarah’s hiding something and it isn’t long before Ella discovers her nightmare is far from over.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Wrath – The Lieutenant Harrington Series, book 1

by E.H. Reinhard

Miami homicide lieutenant Nash Harrington has seen countless murders. Blood and bodies are nothing to lose sleep over.
Yet what seems to be a run-of-the-mill murder stemming from infidelity turns into a full-blown killing spree.
For this killer, taking the lives of his wife and her lover is merely the beginning. He’ll take the deceit no more. His decision has been made. All the women who’ve wronged him in the past will die.
Harrington quickly finds the case turning personal when the killer’s focus inches closer and closer to home.
Unknown to the lieutenant, one of his loved ones has a history with the killer. And that history is etched in the killer’s mind.

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