The Curse: A Shocking True Story of Superstition, Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism

by Ryan Green

Straining under a curse that was put on her by her mother, Leonarda Cianciulli became highly paranoid and superstitious. When her eldest son, Giuseppe, told her that he was going to join the Army, Cianciulli believed the only way to keep him safe was through the most extreme means – human sacrifice.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



by Dean Crawford

Have you ever been scared to death?

“Detective Sergeant Honor McVey is thrown headlong into a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a killer who seems able to move without detection. Honor finds herself chasing a murderer like no other – one who kills his victims by exposing them to their greatest fears.

As the body count begins to climb, Honor finds herself exposed to her own terrors, as one by one the killer hunts down anybody who tries to identify them.

And then they up the stakes again. Now, you’re not just going to die from your greatest phobia – the rest of the world is going to watch too…”

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Greatest Good

by Craig N. Hooper

‘Everything a suspense reader could desire.” Midwest Book Review

Back on the job after a year’s suspension, disgraced agent Garrison Chase is determined to redeem himself in the Bureau’s eyes. Which should be easy, given his assignment is a routine protection detail for Stanley Tuchek, the California Governor’s son. But on the first morning of protection an intruder breaks into Chase’s home. When the cops arrive and discover Chase’s unusual collection of weapons, he’s taken to the local police station for questioning. By the time Chase catches up with the governor’s son, Stanley gets shot, and Chase starts to suspect this might all have something to do with his own murky black-ops past.

Though he’s pulled off protection, and ordered to stay away from Stanley, Chase won’t let the case go. Desperate to figure out what’s going on, Chase begins an unofficial investigation that takes him from a bullet ridden confrontation with a government hitman to a conspiracy that reaches to the highest level of American intelligence. With no-one to trust, and the line between good and evil becoming increasingly blurred, Garrison Chase must do everything in his power to uncover the truth, stop the conspiracy, and bring down the players involved.

Perfect for fans of Reacher, Bosch, and Bourne.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Raptor Canyon

by A.W. Baldwin

Dirk Cussler calls is “a gem of a read.” Readers Favorite calls it “a hoot of an adventure novel.”
A moonshining hermit
A big-city lawyer
A $35 million con job
A gin-brewing recluse, Relic watches from afar as three men reveal a panel of petroglyphs that include the yawning jaws of a flesh-eating dinosaur. When one of the men murders the other, Relic is on the march to uncover what’s going on in Raptor Canyon.
As a fresh graduate, Wyatt is anxious to make his mark among the army of lawyers in a respected Denver law firm. When his boss invites him to tour a client’s development project bordering Canyonlands National Park, Wyatt jumps at the chance, but his boss is not what he seems…
When a treacherous security chief tries to kill Relic, Wyatt is caught in the deadly chase. An unusual pair, Wyatt and Relic must tolerate each other while fleeing through white-water rapids, remote gorges, and hidden caverns. Relic devises a plan to save the treasured canyon but Wyatt must come to terms with the cost to his career if he fights his powerful boss…
A college student with secret ties to the site, Faye joins the kitchen crew so she can spy on the enigmatic project. She catches Relic and Wyatt red-handed, preparing for action. But when she hears their desperate plan, she has a decision to make…
Armed with a full box of toothpicks (and a little dynamite), can the unlikely trio monkey-wrench the corrupt land deal and recast the fate of Raptor Canyon?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Ghost of Madison Avenue

by Nancy Bilyeau

December 1912: Helen O’Neill is only too happy to begin a job at the Morgan Library, but she soon learns that J.P. Morgan’s private preserve is a place like no other, with its secret staircases, magical manuscripts, and mysterious murals. But that’s nothing compared to a person Helen alone sees: a young woman standing on Madison Avenue, looking as if she were keeping watch. In learning the woman’s true link to the Morgan, Helen must face the pain of her own past. She finds herself with a second chance at happiness that could only happen on Christmas Eve—if she has the courage.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


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