Peace on Earth

by Maia Ross

Irma Abercrombie is an energetic retiree with a shadowy past, a mean right hook, and a profound love of Christmas. Surrounded by seasonal joy—and way too many stuffed Yuletide beavers—at the island house her family has owned for generations, she’s all set for the perfect holiday.

But when a young friend asks for help with figuring out a financial snafu, her perfect day is in jeopardy. Can Irma—a woman with a yen for strong tea, cardio, and a well-oiled gun—find a thief before the festive season kicks off, or will Christmas be ruined?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


A Broken Reality

by Rob Kaufman

Driving the New England roads in the dark, Jesse Carlton desperately searches for his kidnapped godson, Danny. Without warning, he hits black ice and swerves out of control at the same time Danny appears on the side of the road. From that moment, the anguish and torment begin – from within Jesse’s mind and the sociopath who witnesses the accident. “This page-turning thriller will keep you guessing until the very last page!”

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Little Woods

by A. G. Mock

*****”Nostalgic, horrifying, and expertly paced, The Little Woods resonates with early Stephen King vibes. In my opinion, it’s an instant classic.” —Joe Hempel, award-winning audiobook narrator

Do you believe in Demons? You will.
A group of boyhood friends in the summer of 1977.
An annual rite of passage in a dark and alluring Pennsylvania wood.
The channeling of a malevolent Presence.
And a childhood game about to go terribly wrong…

Frighteningly suspenseful and emotionally charged from page one, The Little Woods unfolds through two parallel-running storylines—each chapter alternating between the horrifying events of 1977 and their chilling repercussions in 1995.

When both converge, the result is a taut and twisted climax of biblical proportions and an ending certain to leave you as satisfyingly on edge as you are shocked!

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Category: Suspense


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