A Very Merry Witchmas

by Ani Gonzalez

It’s Christmas in Banshee Creek and Kat Ramos and her witch friends face their greatest challenge yet—baking. It’s the First Banshee Creek Holiday Cookie Contest and the girls all want to win. But cooking can be tricky in the Most Haunted Town in America, particularly when a creepy urban legend is making the rounds…and there is a formidable new witch in town. Will Kat win the coveted first prize, or will the new arrivals make her life hell…literally.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Wrong Man

by Mike Ryan

​Someone’s after Brandon Hall. He doesn’t know who. He doesn’t know why. But he does know they’re dangerous.

On the run from a gang that attacked him, Hall stumbles into the help of a beautiful computer expert. With her help, Hall will try to find out what the gang is after. Once they do, they will make everyone know that they attacked… the wrong man.

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Category: Crime Fiction



by D. E. White

As the temperature drops the body count rises. Firefighters race to put out a blaze at a remote farm-house, only to discover two young girls alone in the house. Their mother is gone — and in her place is the dead body of a man, frozen into a fetal position. Two chess pieces made of ice are arranged on her doorstep. Then it happens again. A missing woman. A frozen body. Chess pieces made of ice. DC Dove Milson and her team are on the case, but time is running out to stop the killer. Then ice sculptures are left outside her front door. Is this check or checkmate?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Krewe

by Seth Pevey

Mardi Gras has secrets…

Like why would Felix’s brother, a well-off and successful doctor, let the midnight train roll over him? Especially just as his new Carnival Krewe prepares for their inaugural parade?

And how far is Felix willing to go to find answers?

Pick up The Krewe and get hooked on this four part series. You’ll love this Southern Noir thrill ride, equal parts James Lee Burke and Gillian Flynn.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Roots of Misfortune

by Seth Pevey

The dead girl is holding roots, one grasped tightly in each palm, when the NOPD finds her mangled body out on Interstate 10.

David Melancon has gone independent. The corruption on the force was just too much for an old detective who doesn’t play ball. But there is something eerily familiar about the details of this young girl’s demise as he reads them in the Picayune. Something deeply personal. Something he can’t drink his way past this time.

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The Perfect Girl

by Lorna Dounaeva

Mystery writer Jock Skone investigates the disappearance of beautiful tea shop owner, Sapphire, helped and sometimes thwarted by his outrageous new friend, Dylan.

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