Runway Dreams A Pricey Affair

by T.K. Ambers

How far is too far in achieving the perfect life?

Meet Bernadette Price, an heiress with everything, except a romantic partner to share her dreams with. To find her man, she turns to online dating and meets the perfect Martin Day, who is moving to her town. Her sister has reservations about online dating, but a natural disaster couldn’t push her off course once Bernadette sets her mind on something.

Bernadette is on the fast track to marital bliss when a stranger brings unsettling news of Martin’s past. Her siblings fear the worst and her family finds themselves divided as they try to sort through the confusion. Is Martin a murdering sociopath or an innocent pawn?

Grab your copy today and Join the Price siblings as they race to unravel the truth in this gripping thriller about love, lies, and deception…

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Girl From Belgrade

by John L. DeBoer

A young girl’s life is torn apart when her parents are killed in the NATO bombing of Belgrade, Serbia, during the 1999 Kosovo War. An embittered Katarina Petrovic grows up with a hatred for Americans and becomes a willing candidate for special training by Russian agents.

Alex Baker commanded an Air Force Office of Special Investigations unit until an incident forced him to resign his military commission. Still in his thirties, he finds a new career as the owner of a Manhattan-based travel agency specializing in tour packages. When his father is assassinated, Alex is promised to be kept in the loop regarding the investigation. The OSI, FBI, and CIA begin a global hunt for a female assassin who appears to be targeting American pilots involved in the Belgrade bombing.

Alex is suddenly thrust into the middle of the investigation when events suggest he could also be on the assassin’s kill list. Is the woman making threatening phone calls the one who murdered his father? Or is she the alluring Dee Norton he meets supposedly by chance? Piece by piece, the mystery is unraveled, culminating in a thrilling conclusion on the island of Key West.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


by R. Allen Chappell

Chappell is at his best with this gripping new mystery/thriller. Both traditional and modern Navajo culture are artfully woven around the tale of Mexico’s most ruthless killer loose on the reservation.
“No one knew what a really bad man was… now they do!”
A thrilling new stand-alone novel.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


by Lindy S. Hudis

How far would you go to get rich?

What if you were desperate? What if you were completely out of options? Would you cut in front of a sparkling, new Mercedes on the busy L.A. freeway and slam on the brakes? What if it were that easy?

Enter the world of Crashers…

The con is simple: Get in a car accident. Collect the insurance blood money. What could go wrong?
That’s what Shari believed when she found herself in dire need of cash. When Shari meets the sexy and mysterious Bryce, he teaches her all about how to be a “capper.”

Soon Shari has more money than she knows what to do with.

But as Shari becomes more and more obsessed with her strange new world, she discovers there’s no such thing as easy money. And what started out as a simple payout soon turns into a deadly game…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



A White-Knuckle Thriller that will keep you glued to its pages! Facing the grave dangers of a triple-threat, the CIA is on its heels. CIA Agent Dave McClure and his Spec Ops teams face deadly action in the mist covered Blue Mountains of Jamaica to a strategic missile base in Wyoming under attack by a terrorist group. In Berlin, intelligence sources warn the CIA of a plot to arrest the Chancellor, overthrow the German government, and invade Poland and the Czech Republic. The CIA must act fast and forcibly to avoid the outbreak of World War III.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage