Forceful Intent

by R.A. McGee

To find a missing girl, he has no problem adding to his body count…

Porter makes a killing tracking down missing persons. The former federal agent has the bank statements and body count to prove it. But when a good friend asks him to take on a charity case gone cold, he reluctantly agrees. After all, no family should have to bury their little girl’s empty coffin…

As he retraces the girl’s last-known steps, Porter squares off against a disgruntled bus driver, Tampa gang leaders, and human traffickers who peddle their wares on the darkest corners of the web. Through dirty hands and bloody knuckles, Porter learns that the girl may still be alive. And he won’t stop until he’s given her captors exactly what they have coming…

Forceful Intent is the brutal first book in a series of suspenseful crime thrillers. If you like flawed heroes, pulse-pounding action, and the Jack Reacher series, then you’ll love R.A. McGee’s gritty tale.

Buy Forceful Intent for a thrill-ride that gets its hands dirty today!

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Category: Crime Fiction

The Superhero’s Husband

by Joynell Schultz

It doesn’t take superpowers to do super things.

Rhett is strong. He’s heroic. He’s what every woman wants…if only his wife would notice.

During their eight years of marriage, Rhett has fought side-by-side with Rayne, his superhero wife, despite Rhett having no superpowers of his own. Together, they’ve kept Summercoast safe by defeating all sorts of dark forces.

But now, there’s a new supervillain in town: a mad scientist with abilities Rhett and Rayne have never seen before.

Dark Lightning is the first supervillain that has come to Summercoast with powers stronger than Rayne’s and the first villain that has given her so much trouble. It’s like he knows everything about her—and it’s not just paranoia speaking. Rhett finds himself cast aside when Rayne seeks help from another man—a true superhero with superpowers.

When Rayne and her new superhero companion go to capture Dark Lightning, Rhett sneaks along to help, but he inadvertently gives their enemy the upper hand.

Will his wife ever forgive him? To find out, Rhett must save her first.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A House Divided

by Rachel McLean

Jennifer Sinclair is many things: loyal government minister, loving wife and devoted mother.

But when a terror attack threatens her family, her world is turned upside down. When the government she has served targets her Muslim husband and sons, her loyalties are tested. And when her family is about to be torn apart, she must take drastic action to protect them.

A House Divided is a tense and timely thriller about political extremism and divided loyalties, and their impact on one woman.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Dying Embers

by B.E. Sanderson

Dwelling on the past can be murder.
After killing her cheating husband, Emma Sweet decides to settle old scores—and every man who ever hurt her needs to pay up. Leaving a fiery trail in her wake, she crosses names off her list with every corpse.
Agent Jace Douglas has been afraid of fire since a blaze took her family, but the Serial Crimes Investigation Unit doesn’t cherry pick assignments. Fear or not, each body the killer leaves behind makes her more determined to stop this madman.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Dark Whispers

by Jo Macgregor

When a patient in hypnosis describes an experience of mental torture and physical mutilation at the hands of a doctor, psychologist Megan Wright starts investigating. Determined to find out the truth and stop the abuse, but bound to silence by the ethics of confidentiality, Megan enters the dark mind of a dangerously disturbed man in a deadly battle of wits and wills.

If you like dark, suspenseful and chilling stories, you won’t want to miss this psychological thriller with its unexpected twists and unnerving climax. Great reading for fans of Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Paula Hawkins (Girl on the Train), Sophie Hannah and Tana French.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological

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