Tune Up (Detective Qigiq Book 2)

by Joe Klingler

On their second case, Qigiq and Kandy are loaned to the Traffic Division to investigate an early morning hit-and-run. By a motorcycle.

The victim is an elderly Asian woman. Witnesses suggest all “accidents” aren’t created equal.

Then the Captain delivers a new assignment: an affluent Bay Area lawyer is missing. The man’s wife stomps into their office screaming about a contract she found hidden in their home computer. A contract with a seven-figure payout, and an incriminating Exhibit A

Following the trail of both the motorcycle rider and the lawyer with Kandy complaining, “we’re homicide detectives, there should be a body,” leads to a vintage motorcycle club where lips are sealed, a yacht harbor where riddles run deep, and a roadside confrontation that ends with a splash. As the trails twist they soon find one thing in common:

A violist named Mylin. Young. Attractive. And illegal.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Newton Cipher

by Steve Ruskin

Historian Trina Piper is summoned to the British Library to authenticate a coded manuscript believed to be authored by Isaac Newton, while London cowers from a series of ghastly murders.

When a malicious Russian scholar appears and demands the manuscript, Trina realizes that Newton’s papers and the murders are connected, and both hint at something far more ominous.

With the help of a handsome and resourceful Interpol agent, she rushes from Westminster’s fog-filled alleyways to the colleges of Cambridge University in a race to prevent a forgotten seventeenth-century plague from being unleashed… again.

As Big Ben ticks down, she discovers Newton carried a secret so dark he buried it beneath layers of stone and forbidden sorcery. But now the secret is out and people are dying.

Can Trina solve the Newton cipher before it’s too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Who’s Killing All My Old Girlfriends?

by Jon Spoelstra

The cops think Charlie North murdered his three old girlfriends.

They want him to fry. Can Charlie catch the killers before the cops—or the killers—catch him?

There is a rousing finish at a lonely Oregon beach house. Justice prevails in strange ways.

This book doesn’t have cursing, not even amusing cursing. If this bothers you, feel free to let fly wherever you wish while reading the book. The author won’t be offended.

Of course this is a fast read. Old guys like things fast.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Killer Instinct

by Katherine Carlson

In this chilling sequel to Survival Instinct, Jeannie Parker—having just survived her serial killer husband—must battle a different sort of evil. More formidable by orders of magnitude. In fact, she must outwit the man who corrupted her husband in the first place. For this task, she gains assistance from a different sort of hero: a scrawny waitress who happens to be fearless. Together, Jeannie and her new sidekick, Phoebe, must battle Anvil—a bottomless pit of malice—born in defiant opposition to the first rays of primordial light.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological