Escape to Osprey Cove

by Luisa Marietta Gold

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug’s new Corvette, changing his and Catherine’s life forever. Doug’s mysterious behavior afterward forces Catherine to escape to The Osprey Cove Lodge, where she finds something even more valuable. The series is uniquely written, spanning seven geographic locations, from the scenic Canadian region of the Rideau Lakes to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean. An exciting web of mystery develops as the characters’ lives intertwine. The description of the lodge is so inviting that you will want to pack your bags and head there.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

He’ll Be Waiting

by Liz Alterman

There are no safe spaces…

When Tess Porter agrees to pick up her boyfriend’s college pal at the airport on a snowy December night, she has no idea she’s about to embark on the most dangerous ride of her life. Two days later, the 17-year-old wakes up in a hospital with broken bones, and unable to remember how she got there. Her parents are acting strangely, and neither James, her boyfriend, nor her best friend Izzy has visited.

As she struggles to physically recover, Tess wrestles with haunting questions: What happened? Will her memory ever return? and what if she’s better off not recalling any of it?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Ocean of Fear

by Helen Hanson

Instead of an honest future in robotics, Baxter Cruise trades his talent for dirty money.
After a string of bad choices, it’s just another downward slide. But this time, the consequences are dire. When the cartel takes notice of his abilities, so does the FBI.
Alone in the world, there’s no one he can trust. But FBI agent Claudia Seagal won’t rest until he’s brought to justice or helps her bring down the cartel.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

A Midlife CatAstrophe

by Morgana Best

When Nell moves to a small Aussie mountain town after a messy divorce, she decides her life will be purrfect. But life has decided to be no such thing! Nell discovers a body, buys a mysterious bookstore, and starts to suspect she is losing her mind–all because a local cat, JenniFur, begins stopping by for a chat.
Yet Nell has no time to paws and reflect. Soon she is chasing her tail to solve the murder. Hot on her heels is the dreamy Detective Caspian Cole, who seems to think Nell is mad fur real. But it doesn’t matter what Detective Cole thinks, because Nell is about to discover that menopause doesn’t mean her life is put on pause.
In fact, menopause is a sign that Nell’s has finally begun.
Litter-ally a fun read for women who are coming into their power!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Emily Mansion Old House Mysteries: Book 1 – 5

by Ruby Loren

If you love Agatha Raisin’s spark and Nancy Drew’s inquisitive nature, The Emily Mansion Old House Mysteries are your next unputdownable read!

Some secrets are better left buried.

And some are of historical importance and should definitely be dug up, dusted off, and put in a museum.

When historical researcher Emily Mansion unearths a mysterious love letter, dating from the Victorian era, she is intrigued by a cryptic set of clues that point to a lost legacy hidden beneath the flowers of Larch Hall.

The problem is… she’s not the only one doing a little digging.

It’s a race against an unknown adversary to solve the clues and find the treasure before a valuable piece of history is lost forever.

*Five short and sweet English mysteries for light and easy reading!*

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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