Caroline Creek Chaos

by Mose J Gingerich

When the bishop from the Amish community of Caroline Creek disappears, the church becomes vulnerable. Someone, an invisible force, is manipulating them, and forcing them to conspire against each other. Members are quick to point fingers at everyone but themselves. Then, one fateful night, they are pushed too far and the community turns to violence.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Time of Justice

by Robin James

This trial should be a slam-dunk. A faceless powerbroker has other ideas…
Small-town prosecutor Mara Brent pits herself against the toughest criminals without flinching. But she harbors a soft spot for the victims who rely on her courtroom skill, especially the wheelchair-bound rape survivor she’s known since her first day on the job. So when her friend’s unsolved case reopens with a DNA match and an arrest, she’s determined to finally bring a monster to justice.

Though the suspect is accused of dozens of similar assaults, only Mara’s case has the iron-clad evidence to put him away. But unexpected bombshells at trial threaten to muddy her black-and-white conviction into frightening shades of gray. She suspects there’s a sinister conspiracy out to torpedo the verdict… and her career.

Can Mara uncover the truth before a serial rapist walks free to strike again?

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

Price of Justice

by Robin James

Two vicious felons are about to be set free. Can one determined attorney stop them from slaughtering more innocents?
Sharp small-town prosecutor Mara Brent has a heart as big as it is tough. Smack in the middle of a scandal surrounding her corrupt ex-boss, she works relentlessly to put things back in order. But when past gross negligence threatens to free convicted criminals, Mara fears her tight-knit community will be plagued by sadistic serial killers.

Preparing for the legal fight of her career, Mara battles to keep a violent pair of brothers locked up. But when the bloodthirsty duo is suddenly released on bail, she finds herself in a race against time to stop their inevitable killing spree.

Will Mara put the brutal murderers back behind bars before she has innocent blood on her hands?

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Where Is He? An Ellie Baye Mystery

by Christine Roney

Meet Ellie Baye – she loves coffee, donuts, and open-mic nights. She left her private investigation firm and opened a bookstore that’s become popular with the locals. But she can’t seem to leave the sleuthing world behind. In this first book in the series, a dying wish sends her searching for a man who disappeared the night his best friend was murdered.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


by A.G.R. Goff

How far would you go to find out who killed your mother? Miranda will do what it takes. Determined to find out the truth she contacts her father whom she’s never met. Maybe she should have never come looking for answers. As this story about murder, betrayal and dark desires unfolds, things take an unsuspected turn. Things from the past find their way back to the surface and the dead might not be so dead after all.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by A.G.R. Goff

A serial killer taking the lives of young men is roaming the busy streets of Cape Town.

Are the murders just the evil doing of a religious lunatic or is a much more convoluted motive at stake? While DI Brite gets closer to the truth, ghosts from his past keep appearing. Solving the case is turning into an obsession weaving its way through his analytical mind. But is he up to the task or far to occupied with his connection to Isar Efra?

CIRCLE is book #2 in the psychological thriller series Mind Games by A.G.R. Goff.

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Time of Death

by Nathan Van Coops

A beautiful woman, a mysterious death. The clock is ticking, and private investigator Greyson Travers might be too late to discover the truth. Sometimes the past is best left for dead.
Buckle up for another page-turning, read-all-night mystery.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Electric Midnight

by Nathan Van Coops

Yesterday’s mystery requires the detective of tomorrow.
Greyson Travers’ latest client is dead on the sidewalk and a mercurial girl with a dark past might hold the clues he needs. But in this city, no one is who they seem. Greyson must delve deep into the neon underworld to unlock its secrets.
Buckle up for a page-turning, read-all-night mystery.

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Played to Death: A Scott Drayco Mystery

by BV Lawson

Still suffering nightmares from a case that ended tragically, brilliant freelance crime consultant Scott Drayco considers retiring from crime solving altogether. When a former client bequeaths Drayco a rundown Opera House in a Virginia seaside town, he figures he’ll arrange for a quick sale of the place while nursing his battered soul in a peaceful setting by the shore.

What he doesn’t count on is finding a dead body on the Opera House stage with a mysterious “G” carved into the man’s chest.

With hopes for a quick sale dashed and himself a suspect in the murder, Drayco digs into old secrets buried like shells beneath the sand in order to solve the crime and clear his name. Along the way, Drayco must dodge a wary Sheriff, hostility over coastal development, and the seductive wife of a town councilman—before the tensions explode into more violence and he becomes the next victim.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Once Upon a Murderous Delusion

by A.G. Russo

The year is 1980 in a sleepy New England town. A series of devastating murders threaten the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.” Frightened residents believe the hospital psychiatric unit is somehow to blame. Nurses disagree. Can he be stopped?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological