Sei 1-3

by Ty Hutchinson

Two years ago, Sei buried her daughter. Two days ago, she found out she was alive.

The first three novels in a nail-biting series! Hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide. 1,000s of five-star reviews.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Coastal Jury

by Don Rich

Jury duty. The dreaded envelope and summons. It might mean a day or even a week or two taken away from your life unless it’s for a Federal Grand Jury. In the Eastern District of Virginia, it means a year of service, three days per month, all done in absolute secrecy for some very good reasons. As Dawn and Casey Shaw are about to discover, there are crime figures who take a dim view of indictments. They consider avoiding them a serious business. Deadly serious. Some will stop at nothing to make sure they never get their day in court. Even multiple murders.

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Category: Mystery – Series


The Retirement Party

by Graham H Miller

DC Emma Angel fought her way into CID without compromise and she’s determined to be a clean cop in a corrupt world. Can she stick to her principles, get on with her new team and catch a killer?
DI Rob Haines wants one last hurrah. Just promoted from active operations to a senior desk job, he’s desperate to prevent the big-city drug gangs from encroaching on his idyllic county. But he has his own secrets to hide, and a new DC to keep under control.
Will a determined new DC and an old-school DCI emerge undamaged from the other side of a hunt for evil?
The Retirement Party is the gritty first tale in the Angel & Haines murder mystery series. If you like captivating characters, gripping twists, and nail-biting chases, then you’ll love Graham H Miller’s action-packed whodunit.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Fall to Pieces

by Becky Flade

Winner of the 2022 RONE Award for best thriller/suspense

With the department working against her, Homicide Detective Alexandra Danvers is determined to bring child killer, Arthur Book, to justice, no matter the cost.

Police corruption specialist, Detective Xavier Knight, a man without a home, friends, or family, is asked to evaluate Lexi’s fitness for duty while undercover as her new partner. He fears his actual mission-investigate Lexi-could allow a monster to walk free.

Though holding tight to their own secrets, they launch a covert investigation into Arthur Book who could cost Lexi and Xavier their careers, and possibly their lives.

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Category: Suspense


The Perfect Spy: A Clean Romantic Suspense (An Untapped Source Book 1)

by Amy Martinsen

Reeling from a series of painful losses, CIA agent Kate Ross finds her faith coming into question. She gets her chance at redemption in the form of managing a new unit of moms trained as spies — but as secrets emerge, she’ll need to reconnect with her guiding light or risk losing everything…
The Perfect Spy is the thrilling first book in the An Untapped Source romantic suspense series. If you like undeniable chemistry, page-turning tension, and Christian values in action, then you’ll love Amy Martinsen’s fast-paced novel.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


The Secret of Dunhaven Castle

by Nellie Steele

A move to Dunhaven Castle uncovers dangerous secrets housed in the castle’s walls.

Just as almost-unemployed Dr. Catherine Kensie hits a dead-end in her career, an attorney shows up on her doorstep with life-changing news. Turns out, she’s a Scottish heiress, and she’s just inherited a sprawling, and supposedly haunted property nestled in the Scottish Highlands.

Upon arrival, she receives an odd note from her predecessor left with a gold timepiece, and shortly after, her experiences turn from curious to alarming. From ghostly gardeners to phantom maids, Cate’s new home is crawling with unexplained disturbances.

Now, incidents are ramping up and Cate is looking for answers and solutions. But her digging may result in her own untimely demise…

Murder She Wrote meets Doctor Who in this clever cozy mystery series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Little Girl in the Window

by C.G. Twiles

When pregnant prom queen Misty Glass dies, no one suspects who’s responsible: Romy, a fourteen-year-old loner with a desperate crush on Misty’s boyfriend.

Romy never meant for her “harmless” prank to turn deadly…

Twelve years later, she’s a successful artist living in the city when a crisis forces her to return to her rural hometown. There, she starts a relationship with the last man she should—who has no idea Romy is behind the drowning of his high school girlfriend and their unborn child.

Bad lady. Horrible woman!

When a pale little blonde girl with eerily blue eyes starts hurling insults through Romy’s window before vanishing into the woods, Romy fears her past has returned with a vengeance.

She’s never told anyone about the worst mistake of her life. So how does the little girl seem to know about it? Who is she?

And how to stop her before she reveals Romy’s darkest secret?

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