Of Body and Bone (Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book Three)

by J. T. Bishop

After a shocking investigation ends, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are back at work, but their routine is shattered when a child goes missing and they rush to find a young boy and the man who kidnapped him. But all is not what it seems when they discover the kidnapper’s involvement with a previous case and a killer now behind bars.
When Daniels becomes a target and Remalla is plagued by the past, they must trust their instincts to find a killer and protect an innocent victim. But when Daniels’ family is threatened, Daniels must choose between following the law, or breaking it.
As the killer reveals his true nature, strange abilities, and mysterious hidden ties to an evil past, Daniels and Remalla are forced to confront their own oaths as officers and moral compass in order to defeat a man capable of destroying… both body and bone.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Whistling Death: A Marine World Cozy Mystery

by Peyton Stone

“We’ve got poachers to kill.” It’s not every day the sleuth wants to murder someone… or three.

When newly appointed marine park owner Keiko, better known as KK, nearly loses her life trying to save a dolphin calf from poachers, she wakes up with amnesia—and a new mission.

With her memory still hazy, KK struggles to distinguish friend from foe while defending her beloved Marine World. She soon realizes that the safety she’s built for her beloved animals hangs by a delicate thread as the poachers lurk in the shadows of her dolphin compound…ready to finish what they started.

Can KK recall what her mind is trying to block out and take down the poachers for good before they sabotage everything she holds dear?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Ghost of Shantel Thompson

by Curtis Maynard

When the Riggs family in Mobile, Alabama, faced the mysterious death of their adoptive daughter Shantel Thompson, they never imagined her ghost would linger for decades…

In Curtis Maynard’s heart-stopping paranormal thriller, ‘The Ghost of Shantel Thompson,’ a new family, fifty years later, grapples with a haunting legacy where the line between life and death is hauntingly thin.

Just as they begin to settle into their new life, their own young daughter is gripped by chilling visions of Shantel. It’s not just fleeting shadows—she’s entangled in a vengeful spirit’s relentless quest for justice, a quest that spans generations.

As whispers from the grave reveal long-hidden secrets, this new family faces a terrifying truth: some ghosts refuse to be silenced. Now, they must confront the mystery of Shantel’s death before her ghostly agenda consumes them all.

Dare to uncover the truth? ‘The Ghost of Shantel Thompson’ awaits to send shivers down your spine

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological