In Wolves’ Clothing

by Greg Levin

On his best days, Zero Slade is the worst man you can imagine. He has to be. It’s the only way to save the Lost Girls.

During his seven years on a team fighting sex trafficking, Zero’s become quite good at schmoozing with pimps, getting handcuffed by cops and pretending not to care about the young girls he liberates. But the dangerous sting operations are starting to take a toll on his marriage and sanity. His affinity for prescription painkillers isn’t exactly helping matters.

When the youngest girl the team has ever rescued gets abducted from a safe house in Cambodia, Zero decides to risk everything to find her. His only shot is to go rogue, and sink deeper into the bowels of the trafficking world than he’s ever sunk.

It’s the biggest mission of his life. Trouble is, it’s almost certain death.

“Levin provides a window into one of the world’s darkest underbellies while somehow managing to insert appropriate lighter moments. This author deserves a wide audience.” —Publishers Weekly

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Written By Blood Part One: Conviction

by Dwayne Gill

In the year 2028, America needs a hero.
Cane’s not who they had in mind.

It started when ordinary men around the United States began disappearing, leaving their families and careers behind, only to reappear in a different part of the country with a strange marking on their forearm, and some committing unprovoked acts of violence.
Abandoned to a secret government program at birth, Cane is the world’s most dangerous assassin. But since the program that trained him was shut down four years ago, he’s been forced into hiding, doing odd jobs to keep himself busy, and struggling with his own identity.
When he finds a cryptic message from a strange lady, he’s thrust into the middle of the mystery of the marked men and the seven leaders behind it all, soon finding that something bigger is brewing; something that may threaten the entire country.
Cane must use all his training and resources to try to unravel the mystery, but he’s gonna need help. The mystery lady directs him toward Daniel, a massive man who’s had his own run-ins with the marked men. There’s only one problem: he’s serving a life sentence in a super-max prison.
Will Cane be able to outpace the dangerous men while protecting the ones he loves? Because he’s not only hunting them; they’re hunting him as well.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Sanctioned Murder

by Glenn Trust

The string of bloody bodies scattered across the Georgia landscape seem to have nothing in common.
The victims have only one connection. They are all on a list. The question is, why and whose list is it? United once again to unravel the conspiracy behind the murders, “The Hunters,” George Mackey, Sharon Price, and Bob Shaklee are joined by Andrew Barnes and Perry Boyd of the elite Atlanta Homicide Division in a hunt that takes them from inner-city Atlanta to the swamps of south Georgia.

The one task left for the Hunters is to confront and take down the killing team… if they can

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

The Interloper

by Dave Zeltserman

Trained to hunt down and kill insurgents hell-bent on destroying the country, Willis methodically and efficiently performs his job. But there’s a dark secret behind The Factory, and when Willis discovers it no one is safe.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

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