Smile: Behind the Lens of the ‘Dating Game Killer’

by Ryan Green

In 1978, Cheryl Bradshaw was a contestant on the popular TV matchmaking show, ‘The Dating Game’. From a lineup of eligible bachelors, she selected the handsome daredevil photographer, Rodney Alcala.

As the charmed audience watched the couple embrace, a chilling truth lurked behind the camera lens. Rodney Alcala was a serial killer in the midst of a chilling rampage. Hiding in plain sight.

Alcala lured in his victims by offering them the chance to be a part of his professional photography portfolio, with the promise of launching their modelling careers. But the 1,020 photographs, later found in a secret storage locker by the police, revealed a devastating ulterior motive.

Smile is a chilling account of Rodney Alcala, one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. Ryan Green gives a suspenseful narrative that draws the reader into the real-life horror experienced by the vi

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Jeremiah Beck

Recollection delves into the cursed life of radio talk show host Jeremy Peoples. Jeremy’s tormented by his autobiographical memory and now, seven years after a killing spree at his school left him shattered and scarred, his recollections are a flood of vivid violence and lost love that forever feel like they only just happened. And he’ll do anything to find relief. Convinced he caused the murder of his girlfriend and six others, Jeremy confesses during a harrowing on-air interview he’s orchestrated with the killer. However, with closure and forgiveness seemingly within his grasp… …a caller with a shocking revelation lures him back into danger. Recollection descends with Jeremy, spiraling out of control, ensnarled by devious drug dealers, scrambling across the country to confront his past sins. Grasping for redemption, will he instead succumb to addiction, memories more real than the present, and the consequences of his betrayals?

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Category: Suspense


by Gerard Anthony

When Tranquility Shatters, Darkness Reigns.

Sheriff Phyllis Tarpley is a stalwart guardian in the tranquil town of Alturas, California. With her trusty dog, Sam, she adeptly navigates the daily challenges of small-town life, from handling meth addicts to clearing road accidents.

But calm turns to storm in an instant.

Alturas is rocked when a school bus inexplicably vanishes. This ominous event heralds the emergence of a calculating and remorseless adversary. Fueled by enigmatic rituals, the antagonist plots to invoke a deity into the contemporary world through an inconceivable act.

Plunge into this heart-racing thriller that sweeps you into a relentless, nationwide chase. As Sheriff Tarpley tirelessly peels back layers of intrigue and deceit, the boundaries between pursuer and pursued become ominously blurred.

In this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, who holds the hunter’s bow, and what will it take to halt a twisted agenda before it’s too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Dead Winner

by Kevin G. Chapman

Winner of the 2023 CLUE Award (best suspense/thriller). A new stand-alone novel with a twist you won’t see coming.

Be careful what you wish for . . .

Rory McEntyre is a lonely trusts & estates attorney who plays the hero inside video games. Then, his old flame, Monica, walks into his office with a $60 million winning lottery ticket and a world of trouble.

Monica’s husband, Tom, is dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot. A homicide detective considers Monica a suspect, so Rory must be her criminal lawyer. Thugs from Tom’s shady business think Monica has incriminating evidence Tom stole from the company, so Rory must be her protector. Most importantly, Rory must be Monica’s private detective, because the winning lottery ticket is missing. As Monica and Rory search for the ticket, their relationship heats up well beyond attorney and client. Rory has the chance to win the girl of his dreams, but does he have what it takes to be a real hero? And is Monica everything he wants to believe she is? If he’s not careful, Rory could end up like Tom – a Dead Winner.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled