by Ashley Capes

Deep in the Australian bush, something dark is stirring.

When wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas finds a pile of animal entrails on her doorstep she immediately suspects her abusive ex, but the sudden spate of deaths that follow seem beyond even Ben’s vindictiveness.

Worse, her father’s health is deteriorating fast and when the harassment and deaths continue, it only fuels her feelings of powerlessness. To add confusion to growing fear, Lisa must also investigate reports of a giant white kangaroo, reports that suggest the creature is no mere hoax.

Yet the mysterious kangaroo is impossible to track down and the more Lisa searches the more she’s sure an even greater threat lurks in the wilderness…

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Category: Suspense



A Perilous Question

by Barry Finlay

A vacation in Tanzania turns into a wild rescue operation. Marcie Kane, a strong and independent divorced woman, is on vacation in Tanzania, when her enjoyment is shattered: while visiting a dormitory she helped fund, a teenage girl asks her a perilous question – “When are you taking me to America?” Marcie realizes this question spells disaster. As she indeed discovers, the girl is a victim of an international human trafficking ring, centered at no other then her home state of Florida. Her attempts to help quickly spiral out of control, leading to deadly consequences. A compelling story that will shock and entertain you, by award winning author Barry Finlay. It weaves the facts of international human trafficking into a griping suspense thriller you will not be able to put down.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Murder in County Tyrone (The Irish Mysteries Book 1)

by Padraig O’Hannon

Winner of the 2015 New Apple Award for Excellence – Mystery Category, and 2016 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Honorable Mention – Murder Mystery.

Fourteen years on, the crime that rocked County Tyrone in Northern Ireland remains unsolved, but hardly forgotten. Its tentacles reach the shores of America when John Costa, a once-prominent attorney who has all but given up on life, is questioned by the police. They’re asking about the person he’d least expect: the enigmatic Irish woman he secretly admires. His heart tells him she’s innocent, but new evidence hints at a sinister past. Will he be able to exonerate the woman of his dreams, or is he destined to become another victim? Learn the truth in this compelling tale of love, intrigue, and murder!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Short Stories: Box Set I: (Books 1-4)

by Hope Callaghan

Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Short Stories Box Set I
(Contains Books 1-4 of the 12 Book Series)


Book 1: Teepees & Trailer Parks
Book 2: Bag of Bones
Book 3: Southern Stalker
Book 4: Two Settle the Score

Book 1: Teepees & Trailer Parks

Loretta Sweet and her identical twin sister, Lacy, have recently inherited a home in Misery, Mississippi, from their distant relative, (Aunt) Tess McCoy.

Their aunt’s attorney insists that the girls meet him at the property to discuss the specifics of the will. When the sisters arrive for the meeting, they discover that there is more…much more to the will than just inheriting a home.

As the attorney prepares to go over the details of the will, one of the “stipulations” makes a dramatic appearance, along with a body that is found in the bathtub.

Will the Sweet sisters turn tail and run or will they stick around to help solve the murder?

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy


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