One, Two … He is coming for you (Rebekka Franck, Book 1)

by Willow Rose

A serious page-turner from multi-million bestselling author Willow Rose. Once you start One, Two…He is coming for you – there is no turning back.

Series sold more than 1 million copies!

Journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six-year-old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and start a new life for her and her daughter when the small sleepy town experiences a murder.

One of the country’s wealthiest men is brutally killed in his summer residence.

While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper, another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets – long buried but not forgotten – will see the light of day.

– One, Two…He is coming for you is the first book in Willow Rose’s mystery-series about the reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune

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Category: Mystery – Series


The Key to Justice

by Dennis Carstens

Financially embarrassed, getting a divorce, living in a shabby apartment, and distinctly short of clients, Marc Kadella’s beginning to question why he ever went into the law when a friend brings him the case all Minneapolis is watching—defending an accused serial killer. If he wins, it could turn his life around—if he blows it, he better go into sales.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


You Are Mine

by Miranda Rijks

Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her.

Charlotte is everything he ever dreamed of – her hair, her eyes, her mouth. But what if she can’t see that they fit perfectly – that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert has methods that can turn the most determined, ‘I don’t’ into a meek and submissive, ‘I do’.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Darkside Dreams

by A. King Bradley

Three interconnected stories that capture the insidious high-tech world of the not too distant future.

Ray Bridges, a world-weary veteran cop, responds to a disturbance call at a secluded religious compound and discovers a surprising secret that threatens the lives of the entire congregation.

Gwen Wolfe enlists the help of a shady private detective to uncover the truth behind her abusive husband’s sudden strange behavior.

Dr. Tira DuVernay, the lone psych officer onboard the spaceship/mining freighter Eclastica, struggles with the decision to relieve the captain of duty when his sanity is called into question after the freighter is accosted by pirates.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


The Mystery of Julia Episcopa

by John I. Rigoli & Diane Cummings

In ancient Rome, a woman flees for her life. Her enemies are those she once called ‘brother’. Hidden beneath her blue cloak are secrets men will kill for – forgeries that prove the newly self-appointed bishops are not followers of the way, but pretenders who have seized power and will stop at nothing to shape this new religion to their own ends. Now, Julia – a woman who had once walked with Mary Magdalene and taught alongside Paul must preserve the legacy of the apostles in the face of terrifying danger.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


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