Hard-Boiled Dudes

by Dick Cluster, Julie Smith, Tony Dunbar, Shelley Singer, Rob Swigart

A muscular anthology of best-selling mysteries, Hard-Boiled Dudes showcases gritty, edgy, unexpected sleuths—a car mechanic, an ex-journalist, a reluctant lawyer, an ex-cop, and a small-town Hawaiian cop with a research scientist sidekick. Whether amateur or pro, these dudes come out swinging. From the deadly silence of a snowy ski resort to the buzzing swamps on Kauai, these five action-packed thrillers by award-winning authors are guaranteed to chill and thrill!

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

A Twinkle in the Eyes of God: A Monk Buttman Mystery

by David William Pearce

Having successfully survived the Marshan affair, Monk Buttman is looking forward to nothing more than a peaceful life filled with days at the beach. However, an unexpected call from his estranged daughter find themselves on the road searching for Rebekah’s runaway husband, encountering ghosts and angels, God and love, and murder along the way.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Half Past Midnight

by Jeff Brackett

In 1947 the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists created the Doomsday Clock to gauge the threat of nuclear war. The further the hands are from midnight, the safer the world is. The closer they are to midnight, the more imminent the threat of nuclear war.

But what happens after the hands reach midnight? What awaits those who survive the initial days of that nuclear war? What will life be like at Half Past Midnight?

Half Past Midnight is a post-apocalyptic thriller – the story of Leeland Dawcett and his family, in the first days and years after the Doomsday War. It’s the story of how one man learns that survival sometimes just isn’t enough, and of friends who help each other through thick and thin while facing the enemies who make life after Doomsday a living hell.

A Red Adept Select novel.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp

The Unraveling

by Joseph Wingate

For years, Mary and Raymond Roberts had never thought twice about their kills. Being a trained government asset was their life’s work. What was there to think about?
But, enter an overly inquisitive Agent and the truth begins to unravel. Mistakes to be made and lives, lost. The clock is ticking and the only question left on everyone’s mind is will Natasha manage to keep her life her own?

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Espionage

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