Secrets and Lies (Book 2)

by J.S. Ellis

Emily Clarke is still haunted by the events that unraveled a year ago.

Not having seen or spoken to Lucien, she is struggling to sell her home in Greenwich while using alcohol to help her cope.
Arriving home from the holiday, Emily finds a single red rose outside her door, is it Lucien trying to send her a message?

Then… the attacks begin.

The people she cares for are being attacked by a malicious culprit. With Lucien picking that moment to reappear, Emily can’t help but question his motives. Does he know who is behind the vicious crimes? Together, can they put an end to the rash of violence?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Secrets We Keep (Book 3)

by J.S. Ellis

Emily is trying her best to put the past behind her. Her focus is on her career and making her new apartment home.

Then… a wedding invitation arrives.

Sasha is getting married. Knowing Lucien would be there, Emily hesitantly decides to attend. The night seems to go well, with plenty of dancing and drinking. Emily wakes up the next morning in Jan’s hotel room with the mother of hangovers, distorted memories, and a plethora of bruises she can’t explain.

Things only get more bizarre when the police knock on the door. Liam has been found dead, Sasha is arrested, and Lucien is missing. But someone out there knows the truth and launches into a deadly game of mouse with Emily and Jan as their target.

Can they discover the truth before the body count rises?

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The Ridders

by Lisa Towles

“A must-read for fans of suspense thrillers.” Book Viral Reviews

A mysterious envelope, a bag of money, and an obsession worth dying for…

Young PI, BJ Janoff is randomly approached by a stranger with a proposition he can’t refuse – a million dollars to deliver an envelope to a hotel lobby. Curiosity turns into obsession when BJ uncovers the envelope’s connection to a shocking new technology and an international political conspiracy to protect it. A game of wits with a dangerous adversary turns deadly when BJ discovers the roots of this conspiracy within his own family. If he exposes their crimes, he’ll be risking the safety of everyone he loves.

Winner of the American Fiction Award, The Ridders is an action-packed race to save humanity from an unthinkable technology funded by a shadow government. Fans of Elmore Leonard’s witty characters, David Ignatius’s stories of espionage, and Tom Clancy’s technothrillers will love learning about the brotherhood of Ridders and their labyrinth of secrets. “A must-read for fans of suspense thrillers” (Book Viral) “A rollicking good time read” (Manhattan Book Review)

Will BJ be willing to expose the ridders’ shocking agenda at the risk of his family’s safety? Or is it already too late to save them?

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Of Breath and Blood: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller (Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book 2)

by J. T. Bishop

Darkness Dwells where the Light Prevails
When a series of liquor store robberies leads to murder, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are thrown into a secretive world where a fanatical cult leader’s evil ambitions reveal more than just a violent group of followers.

Determined to discover the man’s true motives, they follow the clues, but the closer they get, the greater the risk becomes when strange revelations lead them into a paranormal world where a cryptic organization may hold the key to the answers they seek.

When Remalla goes undercover to search for answers, Daniels faces his own demons when a brutal mental assault threatens all he holds dear, and the case takes a dangerous turn, requiring the partners to rely on each other to survive.

As the threat grows, the man at the heart of it all will use his power to delve into the depths of evil, and will force Daniels and Remalla to confront the malevolence determined to extract…both breath and blood.

Of Breath and Blood is book two in the Detectives Daniels and Remalla series. It follows Haunted River, but can be read on its own. If you are eager for spine-tingling suspense, heart-pounding danger with a touch of the supernatural, and a riveting page turner that will keep you up at night, then enjoy Of Breath and Blood.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Of Body and Bone: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller (Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book 3)

by J. T. Bishop

After a shocking investigation ends, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are back at work, but their routine is shattered when a child goes missing and they rush to find a young boy and the man who kidnapped him. But all is not what it seems when they discover the kidnapper’s involvement with a previous case and a killer now behind bars.

When Daniels becomes a target and Remalla is plagued by the past, they must trust their instincts to find a killer and protect an innocent victim. But when Daniels’ family is threatened, Daniels must choose between following the law, or breaking it.

As the killer reveals his true nature, strange abilities, and mysterious hidden ties to an evil past, Daniels and Remalla are forced to confront their own oaths as officers and moral compass in order to defeat a man capable of destroying… both body and bone.

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Dirty Money: A Harry James Denton Novel (MUSIC CITY MURDERS: The Harry James Denton Series Book 6)

by Steven Womack

FROM NASHVILLE P.I. TO BROTHEL MAINTENANCE MAN…How did Nashville P.I. Harry James Denton wind up working in the world’s most famous whorehouse?
Because the Feds made him a deal he couldn’t refuse—help smoke out a money-laundering scheme secretly operating out of Reno’s notorious, legendary, legal cathouse, The Mustang Ranch.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Wicker City

by Justin Sloan and PT Hylton

The warlord who holds Wicker City holds the power. But when the source of power is a mystery, those in charge have to stay alert at every turn.

After years spent surviving in the wastelands, a young woman returns to the city to find answers about her past. Instead, she discovers a violently shifting landscape of betrayal and a power-hungry man who, if given control, might be unstoppable.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp