by M K Boers

A marriage made in heaven, a murder made in hell.

Why kill the man you love?

Lizzy was struggling, everyone knew that.
He shouldn’t have done those things.
He shouldn’t have pushed her so hard.
And now, her children, her marriage, her hope – gone.
It was all her fault, she knew that, but was there a chance of redemption?

Lizzy Dyson’s on trial for her life. She knows she must pay for what she did, even if it wasn’t planned, but will the jury believe her?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Death in Paradise

by J.E. Trent

In paradise nothing is simple…

…not even murder.

For Jessica, this time it’s personal.

The knock at the door shook her from a deep sleep. When she saw the cops, Jessica knew why they were there. As a LA Detective, she’d been on the other side of the door plenty of times.

Someone she loved was dead.

Time slowed. Her heart sank. They knew she knew.

Before they could get to the news, her mind raced. Growing up in Hawaii, half of her family in law enforcement and the other half gang members, she’d known the darker side of life.

As the detectives explained why they’d come, Jessica was only partly listening until they said it was her father who’d died…

…in a plane wreck.

And in that moment, the instinct to grieve was gone. He was meticulous in his maintenance. She didn’t believe it was an accident.

Who murdered her father?

Jessica was going home to Hawaii.

You’ll love this gripping thriller with a taste of romance, because of the twists, turns, and complex characters.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Breaking Steele

by Kimberly Amato

Gory video game violence comes home to roost when two store managers are brutally murdered in the back room of their gaming shop just before the peak holiday season. Hardass detective Jasmine Steele navigates the fascinating ins and outs of video game culture – which is far more murderous than the average reader would suspect – as well as greedy corporate America at its most corrupt.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT

Cold Steele

by Kimberly Amato

Badass detective Jasmine Steele is happily planning her wedding with her brilliant psychologist partner Frankie when a three-year cold case comes back hot. New York City’s “Carnation Killer,” a serial rapist and murderer, leaves his fifth calling card on the body of the daughter of a high-ranking official.

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by Antony Dunford

Once a member of the world’s first all-female special forces unit, the Norwegian Hunter Troop, Jane Haven is now helping her brother Kennet protect some of the world’s most endangered animals at his Kenyan Wildlife Conservancy.

Drawn away from her vigil protecting Douglas, the world’s last remaining male Northern White rhino, Jane returns to find a scene of devastation and murder.

Everything and everyone Jane cares for is affected.

But before she can track down the killers, Jane finds that she’s the one being hunted…

Hunted is a thrilling adventure that transports the reader into the savage beauty of the African bush. Antony Dunford captures the majesty of Kenya’s wildlife, and in Jane Haven, he’s created a modern kick-ass heroine for the Extinction Rebellion generation.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Until the Ice Cracks

by Jan Turk Petrie

In 2068, Inspector Nero Cavallo tangles with the Eldísvík underworld as he races to hunt down a rogue police agent turned mass murderer. A captivating sci-fi thriller series starter.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Hex to Pay: A Witch Detective Cozy Mystery

by Stevie Day

Alice is a witch PI in a cozy seaside town. She can speak to animals and plants… though her cat, the extravagantly grumpy Mr. Ploppers, sometimes makes her wish she couldn’t. Things go sideways, however, after she tries using dark magic to solve a case. Can her spitfire aunt and grouchy talking cat help her set things right?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Death By Baguette: A Valentine’s Day Murder in Paris

by Jennifer S. Alderson

Paris—the city of love, lights … and murder? Join tour guide Lana Hansen as she escorts five couples on an unforgettable Valentine-themed vacation to France! Unfortunately it will be the last trip for one passenger…

The TRAVEL CAN BE MURDER series takes readers on intriguing adventures that often turn deadly!

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy

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