Pains and Penalties

by S.E. Biglow

Kalina’s return home brings back old friends and even older secrets. Her great aunt’s murder pushes her to snoop where she doesn’t belong. As she digs into her aunt’s past, she uncovers a dark truth the killer wants revealed. Will she stop the spree before the killer’s thirst for vengeance is sated?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Resentment

by T. O. Paine

You’re only as sick as your secrets . . . Lauren has everything she ever wanted, and tonight, she wants to celebrate twenty years of marriage with William. They stroll through the park, but they’re not alone. A mysterious black car suddenly appears and chases William onto a bridge. He shouts, “They want the card,” and he falls. Now, she must find his killer. But, a stranger appears and demands the card. He torments Lauren. He threatens to kidnap her son and throw him into the same river that killed her husband. And it’s not just the stranger. Black cars lurk around every corner. William’s co-workers refuse to talk to her. Her brother-in-law resurfaces after years of silence, and he knows something, but she’s running out of time. She searches for the card, and the past pulls her back to the first time someone kidnapped her son. Back to her resentment. Back to the truth.

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Category: Suspense

Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 4-6 (Will Harper Mysteries) (Will Harper Mystery Series Book 10)

by David Crosby

Investigative journalist Will Harper returns in this rollicking set of gritty Florida thrillers. A semi-retired reporter, Will spends most of his time on his live-in yacht exploring Florida’s lush, tropical waterways, navigating his treacherously overlapping love interests–and solving hard-boiled murder mysteries.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer

by Michael Stockham

Battling against a Texas prison, a young lawyer fights for a fair trial in a prison-friendly town as witnesses and evidence evaporate.
Scarred physically and emotionally by a botched delivery, his wife struggles to realize their dream of a healthy baby and a happy family.
Trapped in solitary confinement, an inmate fights for medicine to keep his failing heart pumping.
Torn between career and family, with the lives of a prisoner, his wife, and his unborn child on the line, the young lawyer struggles to ensure that his client, his family, and his integrity all survive.

AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS, Finalist, Thriller & Mystery/Suspense. Get your copy free today!

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

The Farm from Hell: The True Story of Belle Gunness Indiana’s Lady Bluebeard Men Butcher

by Genoveva Ortiz

Belle Gunness—victim turned murderer or stone-cold killer? You decide!

From poverty to lucky in love,… or so everyone thought. But when the husband died a mysterious death, Belle collected the life insurance policy and remarried… only for her new husband to drop dead, again.

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Category: Suspense