Umbrella Man

by Willow Rose

In your dream, no one can hear you scream.

When the body of the teenage boy, Julian Long, is discovered in the Green Swamps of Florida, the citizens of Bushlake know the city will never be the same again. Julian was popular, loved by all, and the circumstances of his death are more than strange.

What secrets is the boy in the swamps hiding?

Stephanie Boulder has returned to the town after fifteen years to take care of her grandmother, who is terminally ill. She writes for the local paper and as soon as she starts digging into the story of Julian Long, she discovers secrets deep within the town’s history. Secrets so cruel, so profoundly buried, uncovering them will put her life in grave danger.

What if dreams weren’t just dreams? Would you dare to sleep again?

Desperate for answers, Stephanie embarks on a journey that spans beyond her beliefs, heading towards a terrifying nightmare, trying to figure out who the Umbrella Man is.

Umbrella Man is a page-turning supernatural thriller from the Queen of Scream, Willow Rose. It is fast paced and packed with suspense. This is one book you don’t want to miss.

Fans of Stephen King, Blake Crouch, Paula Hawkins, Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni will be gripped by this page-turning supernatural thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading till the next morning.

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Category: Suspense


The Grifter’s Daughter

by Duane Lindsay

On the eve of her wedding, Dani steals a million dollars from her fiancé and takes off. She plans to use that money to start her own company. Her father is a career criminal with a lot of characters who are willing to kill for rare books worth a fortune and a huge criminal land scam. Plus the billionaire jilted husband wants his money back.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Aura: A Kate Benedict Paranormal Mystery (The Kate Benedict Series Book 1)

by Carrie Bedford

You will love watching competent, reasonable Kate try to harness supernatural abilities she not only doesn’t understand, she doesn’t even believe in! Life spins out of control for London architect Kate Benedict when she sees a dancing aura above certain people’s heads that seems to signal death. Suddenly she’s psychic. But that can’t be!

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Greatest Good

by Craig N. Hooper

A G-man seeking redemption. An assassin after revenge. When a last-chance job goes south, is he stuck in the crosshairs?

Garrison Chase has one shot left. Finally back on duty after a year-long suspension for insubordination, the black-ops-turned-FBI agent is desperate to prove he can be a team player. But he’s horrified when the first day of his assignment goes sideways after his house nearly explodes and the man he’s supposed to protect catches a sniper’s bullet.

Relieved his charge was only wounded by the hit, Chase wonders if he was the actual target. So when he’s ordered off the case and away from the victim, the hot-headed former operative refuses to obey even if it could cost his career… or his life.

Can Chase unravel a sinister conspiracy before he’s permanently out of action?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Fifteenth Representative

by Hilla Dagan

Nothing can stop her, or so she thought…
Noa is an attractive and enticing woman, who has always known how to use her abilities to get everything she wanted. When she receives an offer to seduce the lesbian Prime Minister of Australia and acquire incriminating photographs that will lead to a policy change in an environmental matter that is close to her heart, she does not hesitate for a moment. But what she does not know is that the entire affair revolves, in fact, around her. Will her charms and good looks be enough to get her out of this mess?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – LGBT


War Party

by J Drew Brumbaugh

An action/suspense novel filled with twists and turns that unfolds across America, finishing near the Paiute reservation in Southern Utah where a Native American, an FBI agent, and a journalist all search for a terrorist group bent on killing.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

Bula Bridge

by J Drew Brumbaugh

Tommy Galiwee has another vision. This time a terrorist plot threatens an entire neighborhood in NE Ohio: families, children. But the vision isn’t clear as to where or when. Tommy and his girlfriend Johanna will be on a race against time to figure it out before it’s too late. Can they prevent a disaster?

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