King Peso

by Carmen Amato

Someone is killing law enforcement officers who worked with Detective Emilia Cruz. When her partner’s wife is murdered in a home invasion, Emilia fears that he was the intended target of the so-called El Trio killer.

Instead of leading the investigation, Emilia is shocked to be reassigned to the mayor’s pet project—an all-female patrol unit. It’s a career-ending political disaster that forces Emilia to watch from the sidelines as the police fumble the El Trio investigation and send her partner to jail.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


by Gretta Mulrooney


“Beautifully written with psychological depth. This is a high-class detective mystery which you won’t want to put down. There’s drama, conflict, and a family with some very nasty skeletons in the closet.” Ann Abrams

How did she vanish without a trace?
Carmen Langborne is a woman who no one seems to like very much, and now she’s gone missing. But there is no body, no leads and no real suspects. And the police have given up.

Carmen’s stepdaughter Florence hires private detective Tyrone Swift to find the missing woman. If the body is found, Florence will inherit half of a very valuable house.

As Swift delves deeper into the family’s affairs, he discovers dark family secrets that threaten the reputations of powerful people. Will Swift get to the truth before those with much to hide stop him?

Find out in this absorbing mystery with many twists and turns. You won’t want to put this book down till the surprising and dramatic conclusion.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Seacoast Adventure Series

by David DeLee

Brice Bannon: Someone to fight for those who can’t.

Meet Brice Bannon. He served fifteen years in the Coast Guard, most recently as captain of the Deployable Operations Group, (DOG), the Coast Guard’s version of the Army’s Special Forces and Navy’s Seals operations. When the command was decommissioned, rather than accept re-assignment, Bannon retired from the full-time Coast Guard. But when his country needs him, Bannon once again answers the call.

Recruited by the Secretary of Homeland Security, he leads a small, secretive team of specially-trained, highly-skilled operatives capable of responding to and investigating specific, targeted threats against the homeland. Threats that cannot be effectively handled by standard operating means. Threats that call for a unique and often secret approach outside the normal channels of either Homeland Security or the Department of Defense.

When not risking his life for the government, Bannon runs the Keel Haul, his bar in the resort town of Hampton Beach, on the New Hampshire seacoast. There, he also operates as a small town private investigator and tends to get himself in big trouble along with the help of his two best friends and teammates; Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana and CWO Skyjack McMurphy.

This boxset bundle includes the first three novels in the explosive Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure series. FACING THE STORM, THE OCEANIC PRINCESS & STRIKE OF THE STINGRAY.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

Missing Dead or Alive


A young boy disappears on his way to school for no apparent reason. His distraught family search everywhere and the police are unable to trace him. Is their son alive or is he dead? They will never rest until they find out the truth. But at what price?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

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