True Conviction

by James P. Sumner

Adrian Hell is hired to take out a corrupt businessman, but quickly realizes the job isn’t as straightforward as it first appears. The more Adrian learns about his target, the more he becomes one himself. Caught in the middle of two powerful enemies, Adrian must use every tool in his deadly arsenal to survive.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations


A Spirited Delusion

by Clare Lockhart

Quinn Delaney thought she’d seen it all, but her crazy life takes an unexpected turn when her dreams and reality appear to meld.

To find out if a recurring murder-dream has come to life, she agrees to investigate the death of a matchmaker and old nemesis.

Fortunately, this case comes with perks—a resort vacation and maybe even true love—as Quinn and Toni go undercover as participants in a matchmaking competition.

With romance in the air, it’s hard not to get caught up—at least for one of the Murder Gals duo. Dating seems to have opened a delusional can of worms for Quinn, one she has little time to ponder with a murderer on the loose.

And the deeper they dig, the more dirt they find.

Between two competing matchmakers at war with each other, a prankster ghost with his own agenda, and a jilted boyfriend behaving like the king of charm, the sleuths have much to unravel—so why is Toni getting distracted?

Quinn’s delusions grow as fast as her topsy-turvy love life. Is she up for the challenge? Or will she retreat to her café where life is cozy, predictable, and safe?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Marc Kadella Mystery Series Vol 8-11 (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 18)

by Dennis Carstens

Celebrated criminal attorney Marc Kadella’s playing in the big leagues now. As his renown grows, so does the epic size of the personalities who now seek his representation. He might be mellowing (slightly), when gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers becomes much more than an associate. Marc increasingly finds himself at the center of the explosive events of the day.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


Cold Comfort

by Trevor Douglas

How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue?
Bridgette Cash is a rookie detective working her first murder case. The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young woman lead her to believe it’s the work of a serial killer, but nobody is listening. Convinced the killer will strike again shortly, can Bridgette find enough evidence to catch the killer before another young woman is murdered?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Ancient Blood

by R. Allen Chappell

Charlie Yazzie’s former archaeology professor becomes the target of a ruthless Indian rights splinter group: one determined to end an investigation that might well taint the perception of an ancient people. Thomas Begay and his longtime friend Harley Ponyboy join in to challenge a daring plot to discredit the professor. Excitement abounds in this thriller!

Ancient Blood, stand-alone book number three in the widely acclaimed Navajo Nation Mystery’ series.

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Category: Mystery – Series


The Repayment

by J.C. Moore

Sarah’s world goes haywire when her abusive husband abandons her for another woman. She’s left with nothing but a decrepit farm with a guest house teeming with secrets.

But, as she delves further into the murky darkness of the house, she uncovers something sinister lurking in its depths, a force so powerful and so relentless that it surpasses her darkest fears.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp