The Music Stalker

by Bruce Berger

Kayla Covo is a child piano prodigy. In mid-1970’s New York City, she vaults to fame, holding audiences in awe with her uncanny musical ability and warm smile. But deep within her lie the seeds of destruction: the paranoid fear of being stalked by a murderous fan. The Music Stalker closely examines how genius and love might survive in a close-knit family torn by trauma, insanity, and jealousy.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Table for Four: A Medical Thriller Series Book 1

by Chris Bliersbach

A blockbuster Alzheimer’s cure. A murder and unexplained deaths. Two aggrieved parties meet by chance. Will they expose the truth or die trying?
Table for Four is the first book in this page-turning medical thriller series, including Dying to Recall and Memory’s Hope. It’s a captivating story of two people, linked by tragedy, who take on Big Pharma only to find themselves targets in a deadly scheme of greed and corruption.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Ski Weekend

by Rektok Ross

Six teens, one dog, a ski trip gone wrong . . .

Sam is dreading senior ski weekend and having to watch after her brother and his best friend, Gavin, to make sure they don’t do anything stupid. Again. Gavin may be gorgeous, but he and Sam have never gotten along. Now they’re crammed into an SUV with three other classmates and Gavin’s dog, heading on a road trip that can’t go by fast enough.

Then their SUV crashes into a snowbank, and Sam and her friends find themselves stranded in the mountains with cell phone coverage long gone and temperatures dropping. While the hours turn to days, their food and supplies dwindle until there isn’t enough for everyone. As the winter elements begin to claim members of the group one by one, Sam vows to keep her brother alive.

No matter what.

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Category: Suspense

Stray Cat Blues

by Robert Bucchianeri

A missing big sister. A little girl all alone. Time is Running Out. Can Max Plank, P.I. Extraordinaire, untangle the mystery before all is lost?
For fans of John D. MacDonald, Harlan Coben, & Robert B. Parker. Set in a ‘richly atmospheric’ San Francisco, Robert Bucchianeri’s debut Max Plank mystery is a ‘home run’.

***** A True Crime Novel! I adored this novel so much!
***** Best Book I’ve Read in Ages.
***** Read it! Worth every minute and every penny you spend!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The Krewe

by Seth Pevey

Mardi Gras has secrets…

Like why would Felix’s brother, a well-off and successful doctor, let the midnight train roll over him? Especially just as his new Carnival Krewe prepares for their inaugural parade?

Good question…

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Category: Mystery – Series

Midnight Lies

by Chris Collett

Secrets, lies, bodies. Nothing stays buried forever . . .

It starts on an abandoned campsite in Norfolk.

Developers unearth a human skeleton. The remains of an eighteen-year-old girl.

Robina Scanlon — a blast from the past that shocks Detective Tom Mariner to his core.

In the sweltering summer of 1976, they met on holiday and teenage Mariner fell for her instantly.

He thought she was the one who got away. Now he realizes she never even left.

She was murdered back at the campsite where they met, all those years ago.

Mariner drives to Norfolk, his head so full of ghosts he can barely think straight.

What happened to his first love?

The mystery of her death becomes a dangerous obsession.

The truth is a terrible secret that lies buried deep in the past.

And someone out there will do anything to keep it that way . . .

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

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