I’ll Never Tell

by Deidra Green

Several murders went unsolved five years ago. The cold case unit of the Atlanta Police Department has reached out to newly-minted forensic psychologist, Dr. Addison Parker to unravel the mysteries that have baffled law enforcement for half a decade.

The case of Marlon Jennings has been placed in Dr. Addison’s lap. It’s five years cold with no viable suspects. For fans of Deidra D. S. Green, the name Marlon Jennings rings a bell. He was one of the men murdered in the Woman at the Top of the Stairs series. If Dr. Parker is successful in resolving this crime, she will effectually unravel a bond of sisterhood of the women who took matters into their own hands and eliminated the men that made their lives a living hell.

You know her from the Chloe Daniels Mystery Series but now, Dr. Addison Parker is standing on her own two feet. Find out if she has what it takes to solve her first cold case mystery in, I’ll Never Tell: The Addison Parker Mystery Series.

These Books are linked by series title but are all Standalone titles and can be read in any order.

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Category: Mystery – African American


by Paul Kane

College professor Alex Webber is being haunted by a series of ominous and physically debilitating hallucinations. Are these premonitions of things to come, or something far worse? Fearing for his life as he believes himself pursued by a sinister and enigmatic figure that arrives in his dreams, Webber turns to psychologist Ellen Hayward. Together they embark on a supernatural journey that becomes a thrilling battle with the unknown whose outcome threatens the existence of mankind.

Paul Kane is an award-winning editor and author of the bestselling novel SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SERVANTS OF HELL. Hailed by genre fiction greats Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Peter Straub and others, BEFORE is equal parts supernatural fantasy, historical thriller, and suspense-filled horror.

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Category: Suspense

Witch Inheritance

by Sonia Parin

Lexie’s birthday has caught up with her, as have her cousins, Mirabelle Louisa Mackenzie – High Chair of the British Isles and all Circumferential Domains Pertaining to the Mackenzie Coven – and Catherine Marianna Mackenzie, her down under cousin (If she has a title, she’s not telling her). They’ve been sent to remind Lexie of her family obligations and also to give her a birthday gift. The type she can’t return, refuse or exchange. It’s her heritage and it comes with a job she didn’t even apply for. It’s actually more a way of life than a career and it comes with a snazzy new outfit only her cousins can see. Thank goodness for that…

Not surprisingly, Mirabelle and Catherine Mackenzie are short on details and time to explain. In fact, Lexie has less than two days to brush up on her skills and fly to England… at the blink of an eye. The Mackenzie Coven has been enlisted to assist with a rising concern at House St James. It comes in the shape of an inky black fog Lexie calls the menace. It might not be in corporeal form, but it’s somehow managed to murder one St James family member. Now it’s Lexie’s job to make sure it doesn’t strike again, but she’s fallen under a spell. Suddenly she’s tearing off her beloved denim jeans and Rock Hard t-shirt and donning bespoke designer dresses and sipping ‘delish’ champagne. Even her accent has changed and her cousins can’t do anything about it because a covenant prohibits all three Mackenzie Coven witches from gathering in the house together. They must somehow circumvent the seal and guide Lexie through her first official task as a Mackenzie Coven witch and find the murderer before all the heirs meet their end…

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Category: Mystery – Series

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