Dog Gone Lies

by Ted Clifton

Showing up at a remote New Mexico cabin an obvious show dog is out of place. The dog will lead Ray Pacheco into the search for the missing owner. Leading to confrontations with the local Sheriff and the FBI; discovery of two bodies; none of which are the missing dog owner. Southwest mystery with amazing, unique characters and a love-able dog.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

White Lies

by Alice Sabo

Asher was just learning how to be normal when the police came for him. They arrested him for murder. He was innocent, but all the evidence said otherwise. And his wild history as a Hollywood bad boy didn’t help. An old friend was dead, and he was determined to find her killer without tumbling back into the rabbit hole of substance abuse. To get to the truth, Asher must mend all his burnt bridges a lot sooner than he’d planned. When he turns to the people he trusted most, he discovers he must convince them not only of his sobriety but of his innocence.

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Category: Mystery – Series

New Orleans Festival of Murder

by Julie Smith, Tony Dunbar, Adrienne Barbeau, Patty Friedmann

Fans of Treme and avid armchair adventurers alike will love this collection of oddball New Orleans tales—specifically, murder mysteries—each revolving around the incomparable lore of the City that Care Forgot. From an untimely demise at JazzFest to a dose of love laced with intrigue amongst an assortment of vivid local characters in an Uptown pharmacy (the kind you could only find in the N.O.), Festival of Murder has a little bit of something for everyone—everyone who loves New Orleans, that is.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

The Black Ledger

by D.G. Allen

“D.G. Allen’s The Black Ledger is a smart, often funny, and compelling look at the dirty business of “death insurance” on the west side of Chicago circa the early 1980’s. Allen has vividly recreated the time and place with impeccable detail, colorful characters, and crackling dialogue; not to mention a heartbreaking murder mystery that always keeps you guessing. Who knew the insurance business could be so compelling? It may be set in the 80’s but it is a powerful message about race and corruption still resonating today!” – Tim Sulka, screenwriter Children of the Corn 666, author Prime Cuts (graphic novel)

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Category: Mystery – African American

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