Chicago Blue

by Stephanie Andrews

If you like female characters who are strong, funny, and real, then you’re going to love Kay Riley, a Chicago cop wrongly accused of a terrorist bombing, and on the run for her life. A wiser woman might flee the country, but Riley is determined to clear her name. Armed with a quick wit and some friends who don’t mind breaking a few laws, Riley becomes an amateur vigilante. Can she stop the killer before they strike again?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Prompt Excursion

by Lewis S. Kingston

An injured officer awakes on a damaged military spaceship. Her memory is impaired. No one answers her calls. They are dying, adrift, the chance of rescue shrinking by the second. Clinging to the positive thoughts she can remember, she fights to survive, to bring the ship to safety. But should she? Suit up, step aboard the Prompt Excursion, and find out in this slow-burning, award-winning technothriller, which is packed with technology, intrigue, mystery and suspense. We all make choices. Hers might kill you.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


The Mazatlan Showdown

by Patrick Weill

Jeff Walker, a champion surfer haunted by the unsolved mystery of his father’s murder and his mother’s broken heart, relocates to sunny San Diego and secures a job as a beach lifeguard. Then, when a rescue mission at sea hurls him into the sticky web of an international smuggling ring, he aids the police in their investigation.

Tensions rise when Walker learns that the mastermind behind the criminal operation is the very man he’s been searching for since he was a teenager! In this tale of revenge, justice, and survival, only one will walk away from the showdown.

Join Walker and a rich cast of characters on this thrilling adventure as they navigate twisty, treacherous terrain in a fleet of high-performance cars, bikes, and boats. Chock-full of action with a dash of drama, Weill’s award-winning debut has got it all!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime