Four Months in Cuba: A Titus Ray Thriller

by Luana Ehrlich

He thought it would be a simple rescue mission. He was wrong. CIA operative, Titus Ray, arrives in Santiago de Cuba on a mission to rescue fellow operative, Ben Mitchell, from the hands of the Los Zetas drug cartel.

It wasn’t simple. After discovering Ben’s abduction was more than a simple kidnapping, Titus joins forces with an operative whose peculiar ideas threaten to destroy the mission. As the search for Ben reaches a critical stage, Titus is called back to Langley.

It wasn’t a rescue. When he arrives back in at Langley, he learns his mission has changed.

It wasn’t a mission. With Ben’s life in imminent danger, Titus decides to risk everything—his career at the Agency, his future with Nikki, even his own life—to bring Ben home.

It wasn’t a simple rescue mission. It was much more. More about his survival. More about his faith. More about himself.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Winter Festival Murder

by Linnea West

The small Minnesota town of Shady Lake is hosting the annual Below Zero Festival and this year the medallion hunt has upped the prize. Tessa Schmidt isn’t sure why, but $500 has people going crazy. Every year Gerald Pinkerton wins the hunt and everyone thinks he’s been cheating, but they can’t prove it. Gerald winds up dead at the bottom of the sled hill and the medallion is missing. Accusations are flying especially at Trevor, her best friend’s long time boyfriend. Tessa doesn’t even like Trevor, but she has to help clear his name. Among all of the mayhem, she gets guilt tripped into entering a snow sculpture competition with Clark after making Max upset at her. As she tries to keep her love life together, she is also wading through clues. Tessa wants to prove Trevor didn’t do it and get back to worrying about her love life, but can she find out who killed Gerald before a blizzard hits?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Ghost in the Mini Skirt

by Kwen Griffeth

Jack Mill was a self-made man who had it all. He was a certified genius who had made a reputation and a fortune doing what he loved, hacking computers. Jack wasn’t only on top of his world, he was ruling it. Jack had no contemporaries. Others in his field either respected him or feared him. Jack was the man in charge.

That all changed the night he ran over a man. . . a man who wasn’t there.

Suddenly, Jack’s life was out of control and the only person who was there to support him was an out of work show girl named Terri. She helps him get back on his feet, but she has secrets of her own.

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Category: Suspense

The Abducted

by Tim Kizer

They kidnapped her family. The ransom: 400 tons of gold.

On July 21, Jane Shepard’s eight-year-old daughter and husband are abducted from her car while she’s shopping at a grocery store. Days later, she’s shocked to learn that according to state records, her family died in a motorcycle crash on July 17. The police believe that the kidnapping is just a figment of her imagination, but Jane knows it’s not true and begs the detectives to keep the investigation open.

When she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case, Jane grows convinced that she’s been framed by her family’s kidnappers. As she searches for answers, she uncovers a conspiracy masterminded by a top U.S. government official hell-bent on breaking into the top 100 richest people in the world.

To save her family, Jane has to find a treasure worth billions of dollars buried somewhere in South America.

The problem is, she has no idea where to look.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

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