Worse Than Dead

by Stephen Puleston

An engineer on a car ferry sailing from Dublin is murdered and his killer is on board.
But what connects the victim to drug dealers and the gangsters of Dublin?
A data stick discovered by the murdered man’s wife finds may hold the clues. But the codes and numbers on it only complicate the investigation.
And then Inspector Drake’s cousin makes contact and tells him he has information. Can Drake rely on him or does he have another agenda?
When the team discover a direct link to drug dealing in North Wales and beyond there are powerful forces at work.
Drake’s cousin drags Drake’s family into the middle of a case that piles the pressure on Drake who’s facing the prospect of losing his father to cancer.
Establishing the evidence takes Drake to Dublin and Cardiff and then on a last-minute chase over North Wales to catch the killer.
Read Worse than Dead today, a great yarn with realistic characters.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

You Can’t Hide

by Emily Shiner

Beth and Ian decide to sell his family cabin to pay for IVF.
There they meet Ryan, the caretaker, who knows Beth has a dark secret.
He threatens to tell Ian everything unless Beth does exactly what he says.
She can see no way out… unless she finds a part of herself that is willing to do something so awful it doesn’t bear thinking about…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Complication

by Amanda DuBois

Read book 1 in the Camille Delaney Mystery series before book 2, Deliver Them From Evil, publishes on March 7.

The Complication is a fast-paced legal and medical mystery set in Seattle, filled with greed, murder, and intrigue.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Death Before War

by Brent Filson

WHEN REVENGE IS NOT ENOUGH… After the murder of their beloved battalion commander, two Marines are forced to confront their heartbreaking pasts while scouring the jungle in search of the killer. Their search is haunted by a Japanese soldier running the jungles, refusing to surrender. Along the way, both confront their buried, pent-up emotions through forgiveness and love: one through the love of a Filipino woman and the other through coming to grips with the truth of his father’s suicide.
Set on a Philippine Island in early 1965 prior to the Marines shipping off to fight in Vietnam, this story deals with powerful themes of physical and emotional trauma, abuse, and toxic masculinity within the American military.

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Category: Thrillers – Military