Wicked Innocents (Case No. 1: The Frontenac Sisters-Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

by S.H. Livernois

Everyone is good at heart. Until the heart is broken.
Nelly Huggett swears something took her mother, brother, and father. She doesn’t know what, or when, or how. And she needs Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac to bring them all back.

Trouble is, her story doesn’t make sense. Though one thing is certain: something evil has infected the Huggett house. And when Nelly reveals her sinister side, the sisters wonder if the monster they seek is masquerading as a little girl.

But Hyla won’t accept that. She can’t lose another child to darkness. She knows Nelly’s just different, wild, misunderstood.

But what if she’s wrong?

Wherever this evil comes from, it’s dragging Hyla into the abyss faster than she can chase the clues.
And she may lose herself before she can save anyone else.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Severed Souls (Case No. 2: The Frontenac Sisters-Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

by S.H. Livernois

When friends become strangers, anyone can be a killer.
All Lizeth has to do is survive the ice storm.

With no power and impassable roads, the sisters take shelter with ten of their neighbors. They’re trapped in more ways than one, with no way to escape everyone’s problems.

Like those of Lizeth’s old flame Jimmy Lamarche, the woman he loves, and her jealous husband.

All in the same house.

So when Jimmy and his teenage son trek into the shattered landscape and don’t return, every finger knows where to point.

But there are no bodies and no blood. Only bullet holes in the ice and a strange man in the woods. A man who knows Lizeth. A man who has all the answers.

And Lizeth must listen, even if those answers are impossible and lead her down a frightening path. Because if she doesn’t, Jimmy and his son could be lost forever.

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Kiss Me or Die

by Scott Nicholson

A man can’t trust the voices inside his head because one of them may be a psychopathic serial killer– and here comes the woman of his dreams.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological

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