A Bluebell Knopps Witch Cozy Mystery BOX SET

by Nancy McGovern

Meet Bluebell Knopps, the blue-haired, spell-casting, mystery-solving witch in her 1st three adventures!

This Box Set Includes:
Book 1: The Locked Room Murder
Book 2: Murder At The Circus
Book 3: Murder At The Coven

“Bluebell Knopps Witch Cozy Mysteries” is written by Nancy McGovern, author of the popular culinary cozy mystery series, “A Murder In Milburn”. Follow the link in ANY of her books to join her mailing list and receive a FREE COZY MYSTERY just for signing up!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy

Exit Stage Left (Kempston Hardwick Mysteries Book 1)

by Adam Croft

A quirky, tongue-in-cheek, classic British murder mystery romp

Charlie Sparks brought a whole new meaning to dying on stage…

Charlie Sparks had it all. A former primetime television personality, his outdated style has seen him relegated to the scrapheap.

When he collapses and dies during a stand-up routine at a local pub, mysterious bystander Kempston Hardwick is compelled to investigate his suspicious death.

As Hardwick begins to unravel the mystery, he quickly comes to realise that Charlie Sparks’s death throws up more peculiar questions than answers.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller

by William Rubin

Doctor Christopher Ravello is driven by an unquenchable desire to avenge his mother’s senseless murder. He forsakes a lucrative career in medicine, and plunges headlong into the brutal, unforgiving world of a New York City homicide detective. Head of the new Division of Medical Crimes, Ravello’s first case pits him against a brilliant, sadistic serial killer. Known only as The Giver, he is hell bent on subjecting young women and their unborn babies to his illicit experiments. As the body count rises, New York City is engulfed in fear. Fighting an illness which threatens his job, immersed in turmoil at home due to his radical career change, Ravello struggles to understand who The Giver is and where he will strike next. Just as he discovers the killer’s identity the unspeakable happens, and Ravello is confronted with an agonizing choice: will he play it safe or make the ultimate sacrifice to save his loved ones and the city he is sworn to protect and serve?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Medical

The Wind Guardian

by Frank Scozzari

In California, one of the largest nuclear centers in the United States is targeted by a group of terrorists. Aided by an inside man, the extremists plan to seize the reactor and scatter radiation to the winds, wreaking havoc to the world.

The only thing standing in their way are two misfit security guards, whose romantic escapade temporarily takes them off the terrorists’ radar screen. After realizing what is happening in the power plant, they find themselves in a battle against time and overwhelming odds.

A sudden resurgence of duty has them taking up arms and committing beyond the point of no return. But has their call to action come too late?

Exposing the vulnerability of the nation’s power plants, The Wind Guardian is a powerful thriller from four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Frank Scozzari.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

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