Melissa Weller And The Curse of Branford Manor

by Robert Sounvonnakasy

In Russelfield, Alabama, there’s an urban legend that has been whispered amongst the youth for many years. The terrifying tale of Branford Manor, where those who enter are doomed to either disappear or turn up dead. Melissa Weller is about to discover the truth behind the manor. But what she doesn’t know is that she is about to be cursed in a way that is beyond her darkest nightmares.

“If Stephen King, Colleen Hoover and Jackie Chan were to join forces and write a novel, this book would be a byproduct of their combined imagination.” -Amazon customer review

“This is the first book in a small series and one of my favorite ghost books of the year. Once you finish it, trust me, you’ll crave for the next chapter. I believe it’s one of those books that could be turned into a successful blockbuster.” – Joel’s Books, six most riveting ghost books of 2023

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Category: Suspense

The Girl in the Painting

by Caleb Crowe

Seline is working as a school art teacher in a quaint Yorkshire village when she meets the wild and exciting Robbie.
But Robbie soon reveals a dark side and Seline finds herself trapped with a man who needs to control her every waking moment.
Desperate to escape, Seline turns to an old friend, Michael, for help. But Michael has secrets of his own…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Bone Maker

by D. F. Bailey

A death in the wilderness.
A woman mourns alone.
A reporter works a single lead.

In the heart of the wilderness, a chilling secret waits to be unearthed. Will Finch, the relentless San Francisco crime reporter, is on the hunt, and he’s about to uncover a conspiracy that could shake the nation.

Haunted by personal tragedy, Finch is determined to resurrect his life and his career. But when he’s thrust into the twisted aftermath of a multimillion-dollar bitcoin scam, he’ll realize that some stories aren’t just headlines – they’re a one-way ticket into darkness.

In the wilds of Oregon, Finch stumbles upon a cryptic crime scene: a deserted Mercedes-Benz, a wounded bear, and a town ruled by a merciless cop. And at the center of it all, the fiancée of the murder victim – a senator’s daughter who senses a sinister secret lurking in the shadows.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Dark and Deadly Boxed Set

by Sarah A Denzil

Discover Sarah A. Denzil’s page-turning domestic thrillers and psychological fiction. From secrets to lies to murder, you’ll find an emotional rollercoaster of suspenseful drama within these pages.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

A Long Time Dead – A Joe Turner Mystery

by T.L. Bequette

The award-winning Joe Turner series returns with a haunting, serpentine, thriller that pushes the snarky defense attorney to the brink and rewards the reader with a signature Bequette twist at the finale.

A decade ago, it had been unthinkable when Joe’s life-long friend, Owen Prescott, was charged with a grisly murder. Then Owen disappeared, leaving behind a brilliant career and budding romance to live as a fugitive from justice. Now, haunted by the memory and still clinging to a belief in Owen’s innocence, Joe dives in to solve the cold case as the FBI closes in on his friend.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Once Upon A Crime

by Alan Brenham

In a twisted game of cat and mouse, Detective Madison Chase must outwit a serial killer targeting sex offenders—before her own daughter becomes the next victim.
October in Fort Worth takes on a sinister hue for Penny Grimes. She’s not just a vigilante; she’s a poetic executioner, leaving headless pedophiles as her gruesome calling cards. Each murder scene is adorned with a chilling rhyme, taunting the police and, in particular, haunting veteran homicide detective Madison Chase.
But Penny has a darker agenda. She’s set her sights on Chase’s daughter, Emily—a blonde, blue-eyed four-year-old who is the living image of the child Penny has always yearned for. Unbeknownst to Chase, while she’s hot on the trail of Fort Worth’s most elusive serial killer, Penny is plotting to kidnap Emily.
To divert Chase, Penny masterfully frames her for one of the murders. Now, Chase isn’t just fighting to solve the case; she’s fighting to clear her name and protect her daughter from the clutches of a deranged predator.
In a pulse-pounding race against time, Madison Chase must navigate a maze of deceit, vengeance, and dark motives.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals