The Puzzle Maker

by Ty Hutchinson

Agent Abby Kane heads to Yuba City, where six months out of the year, thick fog engulfs the town allowing a killer to operate freely in nature’s camouflage. As Abby’s investigation progresses, she discovers something puzzling, perhaps even impossible. The killer might be blind.

How can a blind man kill so easily and get away with it? It’s not an easy question to answer. To complicate matters, the killer has a unique calling card. He meticulously removes the skin from the backs of his victims—no easy feat for someone with perfect vision—unbelievable for someone with a visual impairment.

Abby has six months before the fog lifts, and the killer heads back underground. Can she stop his murderous spree before fog season ends, or will the blind psycho leave behind a string of bodies right under her nose?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Wayward Alliance

by J R Tomlin

Sir Law Kintour has returned from the war in France injured, broke, and desperate to find a patron. He reluctantly accepts a commission to find a nobleman’s runaway wife and enlists the help of a friend. After his friend is murdered, Law discovers he has been lied to. As the murders continue to mount, powerful interests come into play. The Sheriff of Perth considers him a convenient scapegoat, so it gives Law no choice but to untangle the lies and find the killer or hang for the murders.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Winter Kill

by J R Tomlin

Thieves and the unsavory of Perth: All in a day’s work for lordless Sir Law Kentour…until a mysterious death in the midst of a Highland blizzard. When the sheriff of Perth demands that Sir Law solve the case, he thinks this looks like an easy job. Then not only does the murder investigation keep running into brick walls, his friend Cormac plunges into danger…

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Righteous Assassin

by Kevin G. Chapman

A MOB BOSS IS EATEN ALIVE BY TIGERS AT THE BRONX ZOO. The other three unsolved murders were even more unusual — each on the last Saturday of the month. NYPD homicide detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson must stop the elusive killer before he completes his decathlon of death. Each month, a new murder adds a piece to the killer’s puzzle, but even unravelling the clues and finding the killer’s pattern may not be enough to catch him.

The task force includes an FBI profiler, and Mike gets an assist from Medical Examiner Michelle McNeill, who seems to be on his mind a lot lately. She’s an asset to the investigation, but is this any time to be starting a romance?

Each month is a race against the calendar. Only one thing is certain – on the last Saturday of the month, there will be blood.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Perilous Gambit

by Kevin G. Chapman

A Las Vegas drag queen and a South Dakota Senator– both murdered. How are they related? NYPD Homicide detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson wouldn’t be involved, except they’re in Vegas for Jason’s wedding . . . and the bride’s brother, Jackie, is the prime suspect.

Mike and Jason try to intercede with the local cops, but when somebody tries to kill Jackie, being arrested is the least of his troubles. The harrowing events threaten to ruin the vacation, the wedding, and Jackie’s career. Is there yet another murder in the casino cards?

When the heat is on in Las Vegas, Mike may need to take a huge gamble that could cost them everything. Their only way out may be a PERILOUS GAMBIT.

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The Trigger Man

by Aiden Bailey

CIA operative Mark Pierce is a trained killer with a strict moral code, so he has no qualms about taking out Victor Vautrin, an international arms dealer.
But it quickly becomes clear that someone doesn’t want him to succeed in his mission as he comes face to face with a terrifying conspiracy that only he can stop.
Unless they kill him first.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Unpopular Sheriff

by Andrew Allan

Kansas Law vs. The Mafia! Sheriff Pete’s job is to protect Cowley County. But folks there hate his guts…until a mafia assassin arrives. Ride along, as Sheriff Pete stands off against his doubters and ruthless killers in the dusty, deadly plains of Midwest.

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Category: Mystery – Series