Crossing the Meadow

by Kfir Luzzatto


You are about to step into the twilight zone where dead people brush silently past the living ones.

Will you find the answer to the strange nightmare that links a man, a woman, and a foggy city?

While the story unravels, you will meet a little girl who can see her dead cat, an old blind woman, and a beautiful girl who died too young. They don’t know what awaits them beyond that meadow, but YOU need to find out.

Will you?

Voted “Best Horror Novel” in the 2003 P&E Reader’s Poll

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Casey Jones Mysteries Vol 1-3 (Casey Jones Mystery Series)

by Katy Munger

Big, badass Casey Jones, the female PI with the thunder thighs, has everything you could need to be an ace private investigator – except a license. Fifteen years ago, this hard-boiled babe walked out of a Florida prison, swearing she’d never set foot in a prison or trust a man again. Trust, no. But by no means has she given them up.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

When Blood Whispers

by Richard DeVall

A young professional woman goes on a blind date with a man she met online. She’s uncomfortable and leaves before the date is over. After that, outrageous occurrences begin to happen all around her. It’s up to both her mother and sister to help solve the disappearance and murder charges.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

When Shadows Collide

by Nathan Ronen

Arik Bar-Nathan is one of the most skilled field agents in the world. Coming from the slums, he has reaped success after success and is now head of the Special Operations division in the Israeli Mossad.
Despite having been assured that the position of head of the Mossad would be his, a harsh woman with a dark secret has been appointed to the role. In addition, Arik’s personal life begins to spiral out of control following a horrific accident.
But the worst is yet to come. An assassination attempt gone wrong and leads Arik into a fast-paced chase after a seasoned terrorist, but he realizes that his allies have turned their back on him and are using him as bait in their game.
His life in danger, Arik knows that he can trust no one but himself. Now, it is becoming clear that it is only a matter of time before an inevitable collision – one that is not necessarily with his enemies.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


by Reagan Keeter

Home from college for the summer, Connor is upstairs, listening to his parents argue, when a windowless van pulls up on the front yard and a masked man charges into the house. He knocks out Connor’s father, tasers his mother, and then, as quick as he came, he is gone.

The police quickly exhaust their leads. No ransom call comes. And Connor takes it upon himself to find his parents before it is too late. That quest, however, is complicated when he crosses paths with a group of anarchists bent on causing chaos in New York City. And their plan, Connor learns, is not only related to the abductions, it will also upend everything he thought he knew about his family.

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Category: Mystery – Series


by Paul Bennett

Meet Johnny Silver in this pulse-racing thriller series from bestselling author Paul Bennett. In this five-book box set you’ll get: MERCENARY, KILLER IN BLACK, ONE BULLET TOO MANY, NO EASY WAY OUT and CATALYST. Don’t miss out on this collection of unputdownable thrillers. Get five action-packed thrillers in one bargain box set today for 0.99!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Blood Mug

by W.F. Ranew

PI Red Farlow has a meeting with Wickham Art Center board chair in Atlanta, but when he arrives, he finds the chairman slumped over his potter’s wheel with a medieval battle dagger protruding from his back.

During the investigation, other victims are discovered in the pottery studio, each meeting the same gruesome end as the chairman. Is the dagger a dramatic flourish of a twisted mind, or a more profound message?

Clues soon reveal a real estate scheme—wealthy Venezuelan investors plan to plow Wickham under and build condos on the site.

Red gets his hands muddy as he throws himself into finding the answers.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

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