Grandfather Anonymous

by Anthony W. Eichenlaub

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

Ajay Andersen was the best hacker the NSA had ever hired. He sank corporations, toppled governments, and broke cryptography. All of it.

Retirement hasn’t slowed him down one bit, thank you very much.

When his estranged daughter shows up on his doorstep with his two granddaughters, Ajay will do anything to keep them safe. He’ll hack biotech corporations and criminal enterprises alike. He’ll brave the woods of Minnesota. Nobody after his girls will be safe, but the more he digs, the more he dredges up the shadows of his own dangerous past.

He only needs to know one thing:

What makes his granddaughters so darn dangerous?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Twelve Years Gone

by KJ Kalis

Twelve years gone…
Sarah Schmidt went out for a hike a month before heading to college on a cross-country scholarship. She never came back.

In the twelve years she’s been gone, the local police have done little to help the family, leaving them with the desperate knowledge that Sarah could still be alive, somewhere, somehow…

The family hasn’t given up their hope for revenge, or at least answers.

Emily Tizzano, a former Chicago PD cold case detective suffering from her own skeletons holds the hope of the family in her hands. Can she overcome her own past in order to help them find Sarah and get the justice they need?

Twelve Years Gone is the first novel in the Detective Emily Tizzano vigilante justice thriller series. If you like Dean Koontz, Robin James and L. T. Ryan, you are going to love this fast-paced suspense thriller series.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Killer Delivery

by Claire Feeney

When the bound corpse of a young woman is discovered behind an Austin comedy club, Detective Dana Capone’s instincts say this is only the warm-up act. But convincing others of her theory proves tricky with the legacy of her family’s sins staining her credibility. And as long as her supervisors believe she’s overreacting, a murderer remains free to perform his macabre routine all over again.

After a grave miscalculation jeopardizes the investigation, Dana’s doubts blur the line between truth and fantasy. Can she sort her nightmarish past from the gruesome present before this killer gets the last laugh?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Something Charming This Way Comes

by R.K. Dreaming

‘Happily Ever After’ isn’t working out as she planned. And now she’s got a killer to catch!

Oracle Sigourney returns to her magical hometown seeking a midlife miracle. Plagued with failing powers, ill health and now jobless too, when she stumbles on a genie she knows exactly what to wish for!

Except genies are never quite what they seem. Charming by name and tricky by nature, he insists wishes won’t work. Sigourney must solve her own mother’s murder to find a happy future.

But doing so is sure to make her enemies, especially when the only person who can help her is a vampire locked up in prison for a murder she swears she didn’t commit. And who demands Sigourney prove her innocence first.

Can Sigourney solve two tricky cases and find the happily ever after of her dreams, and all with the townsfolk hunting her and a rascal of a handsome genie getting in the way? Read it today!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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