Torched: Summer of ’64

by Jo Edd Morris

Sam Ransom, at a civil rights rally, reunites with two friends from his childhood. His decision to join their efforts to rebuild a black church torched by nightriders sets all three on a collision course with the Klan and two grisly murders. The story is about interracial friendship and romance, the ultimate sacrifice, atonement and redemption.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Lethal Dissection

by Dobi Cross

Zora Smyth is not your average poster child for a first year medical student with a distant mother, a missing sister, and a deep distrust of the police.

All she’d ever dreamed of was to make it through medical school and become a surgeon. But a dissection gone wrong at the Gross Anatomy lab lands her in the middle of a murder investigation and in the crosshairs of an enemy set on burying her with murders.

When a potential witness points her out as the main suspect for the murder, and more bodies begin to drop, Zora faces a frightening risk of losing her dream and her freedom.

As she races to investigate the truth and save herself, Zora faces off against a killer who is hell-bent on getting what he wants. Will Zora give in to the enemy determined to make her take the fall, or will she fight for her life as she faces her worst nightmare?

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


by G.K. Parks

What will it take to stop a hitman from carrying out his contract?

While visiting Chicago on a job, Julian Mercer stumbles upon the scene of a botched assassination. A man is bleeding out in his fiancĂ©e’s arms. Julian searches for the shooter. But he’s too late. The attacker has disappeared. And no matter what the police say, this wasn’t a mugging gone wrong. It was a hit.

Julian vows to protect the couple. After all, security is his job. But the woman doesn’t want a bodyguard. She wants revenge — a feeling Julian experiences every moment of every day. And she wants assurances that she and her fiancĂ© will be safe to live their lives. Just how far will the security specialist go to make the city safe again?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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