Eight in the Chamber

by Matt Abraham & Others

Orcs, vampires, rogue mages, and strange familiars… The night’s filled with beasts looking for kicks, who trod the urban landscape with cloven hoof or sharpened claw, keeping a yellow eye out for easy prey. But what’s a citizen to do when dark shadows lie heavy, spells become useless, and wands lose their charm?

They call on the heroes of Eight in the Chamber. These hardboiled cops and investigators specialize in a preternatural kind of justice, and won’t quit until every dark deed is punished.

In Eight in the Chamber, a cadre of your favorite authors have banded together to bring you all the thrills of the urban supernatural, with a twist of sci-fi noir, in a collection of full length novels, spellbinding novellas, and enough short stories to choke a bag of holding. Buy your copy today, and let them take you on a thrill ride through the dark you won’t forget!

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies

Thy Killer’s Keeper

by Edita A. Petrick

Still mourning the death of his wife, obsessing over the details of her death and struggling to have a relationship with his autistic son, FBI Agent, John Salton, finds himself thrust headlong into what appears to be a routine murder investigation on the Northern California Coast. Along with his partner, Agent Ruby Tam, Salton is assigned the task of determining if, or how, nine other disturbing yet-to-be-solved murders, spanning the better part of the last nine years, might be related to the latest one.

Navigating small-town politics and personalities, the unsolved murder of a local teacher and Salton’s own son’s placement at the secretive Nascent-Rydall Research Foundation, Agents Tam and Salton are lured in to a web of mysterious, unexplainable occurrences for which lives depend upon their finding some answers—no matter how unbelievable they might be.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

The Hostage of Glenorchy

by Kristin Gleeson

Scotland 1556
After overhearing a plot to kill Mary Queen of Scots, Abby Gordon is sent from Paris to the Laird of Glenorchy’s home at Kilchurn Castle for safety. Disguised as a boy, she becomes a lute player among the household musicians where she encounters the laird’s hostage, the attractive Iain MacGregor, a pawn in the laird’s struggle for power in Scotland’s turbulent politics. But is Iain really a hostage to fortune or is he playing his own dangerous game? As Abby’s feelings intensify for this Glenorchy hostage she is caught in the web of intrigue that permeates the household and is drawn deeper and deeper into danger.
With spice, wit and action packed plotting, Kristin Gleeson’s Highland Ballad Series is as compelling as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

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