Dangerous Deeds

by Beth Prentice

When one door closes, another opens… or falls off its hinges.

They say that love is blind. Sure, they weren’t necessarily talking about old houses at the time, but that’s the story I’m sticking with. And I like that theory a whole lot better than the one about me losing my mind.

I knew that buying a fixer upper I’d be stumbling into an unknown abyss of demolition, dust and unfathomable costs, but I never expected to find an engagement ring and letters of forbidden love hidden under the attic floorboards. Nor did I expect the lazy cat, or the drop-dead gorgeous handyman. And I definitely didn’t predict the stalker.

As the renovation begins and the house starts to slowly return to its former glory, the letters dog my dreams. Who is the mysterious penman? Why was their love forbidden? And who is trying so hard to keep me from learning the truth about it all?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Magically Murdered

by Joynell Schultz

Moonstruck Manor is a perfect little bed & breakfast for a romantic getaway…or a murder.

The police hire free-spirited witch Kyla to go undercover to find the killer. Her quirkiness and magical abilities make her perfect to pose as the new chef. Unfortunately, she has a secret: while she can sense hidden magic, she’s terrible at making breakfast.

But that’s not her only problem. The magical deaths were of the previous two chefs, and Kyla is the bait to lure out the killer.

The Paranormal B&B is swarming with potential suspects, ranging from the mysterious gardener to a rival neighbor. And then there’s Mr. Shade, the alluring manager who possesses a special magic Kyla can’t identify. A magic that runs deeper than his talent of drawing women into his arms.

Will Kyla be able to stay focused and uncover the killer before getting lost in Mr. Shade’s mysterious eyes?
Will her burned bacon and soggy pancakes betray her true identity?
Or will she meet her fate and become another of Moonstruck Manor’s unsolved mysteries?

Find out all this and more in the exciting start of the Paranormal Bed & Breakfast series!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Change of Seasons

by Khurram Elahi

John Winters, a fifty-three-year-old Warehouse Manager, was at an emotional crossroads. His recent divorce and upcoming heart operation introduced him to challenges he had not experienced before.
Whilst in hospital, John spends the majority of his time dwelling on the past, his time at school and recurring dreams that he could not figure out.
His springtime heart operation concludes with minor complications. John starts to experience chills and other side effects. Struggling to make sense of it all he finds himself unable to control himself, as he attacks living creatures randomly.
Finding little support, his lifelong friend Simon as the only one he can confide in. His own seasonal cyclical change into someone he cannot recognize parallels with the changing seasons.
At the conclusion of the novel, John finds his chills attack once more, with chilling consequences.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

When Patrick Flint’s daughter goes missing on a mountain vacation, the adventurous young doctor will have just one shot to get her back.

“Best book I’ve read in a long time!”

4.7-star series rating.

“A roller-coaster ride from the first page to the last!”

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Category: Mystery – Series